Orange or t-mobile?? That is the question

Well after porting to t-mobile just over a month ago I’m now considering another change.

Orange have just released a new tariff called speak easy with text trigger. I currently top up approx £20 a month. On t-mobile that gets me:

Unlimited free evening and weekend texts
Calls 40ppm xnet, 20ppm on net and landline. Texts 3p
Data price capped at £1 a day

Were I to move to orange I’d instead get:

600 free texts
Calls 15ppm any network. Texts 10p
Unlimited free evening data. Option to add an extra to allow unlimited peak data for £1 a day.

Orange recently have become somewhat of a joke with them removing everything that made them orange (such as wildfire, OVP and much more). Not to mention the recent animal tariffs. However I spent 3 years on contract with them between 2000 and 2003 so I still feel a certain affinity towards them.

Decisions decisions

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