Stuart’s First Birthday…. some home truths

This is the first post I have ever made on this blog where I have placed a restriction on who can and can’t read it (in this case the only person who can read it is myself). Prior to today there simply hasn’t been a need however there are some things I will be saying in this post which are likely to upset certain people and cause unneeded aggravation.

On the whole Stuart’s first birthday party was a successful event. However saying that there were a couple of serious problems.

1. Whilst the event was well attended, a few members of Stuart’s immediate family couldn’t make the effort to attend with one thinking the timing of the event should fit around his schedule as opposed to when Stuart was actually born. Even worse 3 people cancelled at the last minute meaning the table we had booked for 10 people was actually only taken by 7.

2. One person while they did bother to turn up, the second their significant other (and I use the term significant sparingly given they are shagging someone else while with him) turned up they suddenly vanished meaning we spent the rest of the night trying to find her so we could get on with things like the birthday cake

Other than these two minor blips I’m pleased to say the event was a success and some pics will follow when I can be bothered

EDIT This post has been published now following post on main blog about Stuart’s second birthday

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