Newsflash: There are other countries in the world in addition to the USA

Just in case people didn’t realise, there are a multitude of countries in the world. Seems in some people’s heads that the world ends with the USA.

Reason for rant….. as mentioned before on this blog I am a host for the windows 7 launch parties. Now today I got wind that Kaspersky, Panda and Norton were offering free 1 year licenses for their internet security products. Great I though, never 1 to miss out on a good freebie especially as only earlier today I was considering installing an internet security suite rather than rely on windows firewall and windows security essentials to protect me.

Only one problem, the companies concerned seem to have forgotten there is a whole planet full of countries outside of the USA. Panda’s offer is currently down, Norton apparently gave out codes that only seemed to materialise in the USA versions of the party packs and Kaspersky appear to have harvested only USA based hosts e-mail addresses and are cross checking any applications for a license against that database.

So to all those companies, and to anyone else who seems to think the world starts and ends with the USA (rather than just the wars that start and end with them), may I direct you HERE where you can behold some of those many other countries in all their glory!

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