It’s that time again

It’s firefox beta time again as version 3.6 of the superior browser to IE is now at beta 2. As per bloody usual though the existence of any browsers that don’t fall within their stupid browser detection routine makes Natwest (and probably RBS too) internet banking chuck a hissy fit. You would think by now that they would have gotten rid of this pointless sub routine and let the browser decide for itself if it is capable of rendering internet banking (and let’s face it if it works on most mobile phone browsers, the newest version of a mainstream desktop browser isn’t going to struggle to much).

Thankfully as per usual there is a workaround. Now normally this involves removing the beta element from the browser identity string so the browser identifies as the release version even though it isn’t out yet. Not this time though as Natwest refuse to acknowledge that a new version of firefox is coming…. there’s good web design, design your site so it breaks with every single browser release. So rather than telling a little white lie to the website we are going to have to tell a bare faced porky.

Crack open about:config ignoring any warnings about dragons as there is no such thing as dragons and even if there were Gandalf the master wizard will protect you. In the resultant screen search for the string “general.useragent.extra.firefox” and change the text from “Firefox/3.6b2” to “Firefox/3.5.5” and then stick two fingers up at what is the most stupid and pointless browser detection system known to man….. oh and the internet banking site will work once again too!

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