Rare McDonalds Monopoly 2010 stickers

Having extrapolated data from other sites as well as my own experiences from the stickers I have got so far in McDonalds Monopoly 2010 the following seem to be the rare collect to win stickers

Brown – £100 – Old Kent Road
Light Blue – Camera – Euston Road
Purple – Wii – Northumberland Avenue
Orange – Home Entertainment System – Marlborough Street
Red – Holiday – Strand
Yellow – Car – Coventry Street
Green – House – Bond Street
Dark Blue – £500k – Mayfair
Stations – months worth of energy from npower (£1200) – Liverpool Street Station

So if you have any of them feel free to post them to me 😀

96 replies on “Rare McDonalds Monopoly 2010 stickers”

  1. Yes these are right these are the only ones im missing on every single one to :'(

    1. Really, then why aren’t you driving around in your nice shiny new car then rather than telling us about it

      1. Jesus people can’t we use some intelligence before I have to disable comments on this post. If someone has the Coventry street sticker they are too busy driving around in their nice shiny new car to bother selling the sticker. If they don’t want the car (I wouldn’t cos I don’t drive) they will just sell the car probably for more cash than the sticker would have been worth

        intelligence people. NOW!!!

    2. hi i need coventry street you have it?
      i got picadilly and liester square we cud clame the car then sell it for like £12000
      and split the money????

    3. i will pay for coventry street.. i have been hunting every page on ebay and bought lots of mcdonalds just to complete it for the car that i love. email me thanks

  2. hi there i would like to buy the coventry street sticker off you, ho much do you want for it?

  3. Mr Wiles – are you tricking us as your name suggests or are you for real? I would buy the coventry sticker from you at a good price but you have to prove you have it first!

  4. i knw this will sound odd, but any one got park lane they want to sell? been looking for it since it bout a week after the competition came about and will give you 20k for it? will come and get it from you as well, no matter where you are in the country??

      1. I have 2 Park Lanes, although they are common someone out there must have the other number Park Lane and If you want to but it from me at £250.000 you are welcome to them.

        1. If Mayfair is the sticker we are all looking for then good luck to us all. Mcdonalds want to make us all fat and them very rich.

    1. I have park lane and am willing to half the money if you have mayfair. just email me or somthing!!

      1. Sure they will be rushing out to do that given mayfair is the rare sticker and park lane is as common as muck

        I have 6 park lanes!

      1. Oh come on Jess use some intelligence. Why would someone pay £20k for park lane? It’s as common as muck!

        Me, my OH and the kids had a McDonalds yesterday and got 3 of them (making 9 we have now from 3 visits)

  5. dont think my message posted before? will say it again, has any one got park lane they will sell me? will happily give you 20k for it? and will come pick it up from u any where in the country?

    1. I have about 6 park lanes…. do I get £20k for each of them lol

      Seriously, if you are serious (which I doubt) it would be cheaper (but less healthy) to buy 20k worth of McDonalds, you’ll probably end up with about 200 park lane stickers then. Course if you don’t have the mayfair to go with them (of which there are 1 in circulation) then those stickers are worth naff all

      Oh and your first message did post but hey

  6. I currently have the Park Lane sticker and am looking for anyone with Mayfair to go halves with me. I am serious about this, and if anyone has the sticker I need then please get in touch and we’ll go from there. Cheers dave

    1. Mayfair total number of stickers in circulation – 1

      Park Lane total number of stickers in circulation – Probably well over 1 million

      Just how stupid do you think people are?

      1. are you people all completely stupid?????????????????? having a complete set of stickers does not win you the prize, it enters you into a prize draw with thousands of other people for the chance to win, you have got as good a chance of winning the lottery, And of course there wouldnt be one mayfair in circulation, what if someone decided to throw their packaging in the bin without peeling off the stickers? there are probably thousands of mayfairs in circulation, unfortunately there are also thousands of mcdonalds restaurants so there may only be one or two per store on average, I have seen several mayfair stickers for sale on ebay

        1. We’re not stupid ed…. you are!

          Try heading over to http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/monopoly/tsandcs.html and have a nice read of the game rules….. and then feel really stupid. Probably so stupid that you’ll die from embarrassment.

          You may have seen several mayfair stickers on ebay but that doesn’t mean the sellers actually have them and they probably don’t (or they are stickers from previous years when mayfair wasn’t rare) because there is only one!

  7. Hi, this is Marlon, i have a very serious propisition, i went to maccys last night not thinking anything, was gonna through away when just out of curisoty checked it and this is the £500,000 sticker, it is the “PARK LANE” one, PLEASE, PLEASE can someone
    give or even sell me there sticker, i will make sure its your worthwhile, i promise.
    PLEASE EMAIL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, you will not regret this, please contact, all the love, Yours trully Marlon,xx

    1. Jesus Christ what isn’t sinking in with some people. Marlon, you and everyone else has a park lane sticker. It’s as common as muck, I have 9 of them from 3 trips!!!

      MAYFAIR is the sticker you want and there is only one of them in circulation and without that one sticker in amongst millions of other stickers your park lane sticker is worth naff all and my park lane stickers are worth naff all nine times over!

      Tell you what Marlon, if I come across the mayfair sticker, I will offer to sell it you. For £500,000 because that is what the mayfair sticker is worth!

  8. I feel your hate Dave. Your the only one with a brain cell on this forum.
    As for the rest of you guys, Ive got Bond Street, but I already have 3 houses so im not bothered about it. Im only looking for about £50 if anyones interested?

    1. Lol Rich, I wish that was serious (my “brain cells” are telling me otherwise). £50 for a house is a bargain!

      1. I think the forum is a complete waste of time for anyone with more than one brain cell as the Mayfair sticker will not be in circulation until the last day of the promotion. Same with all the other big prizes. So stop stressing and go for a run to shed off the pounds your all accumulating with your Big Macs and Free Mcflurries ect…

        1. Actually, it would be against the law for McDonalds to withhold any large winning stickers until the latter stages of the promotion as each entry must have a chance of winning any prize and withholding the stickers would violate that.

          Course anyone with more than one brain cell would already know that. Oh and it’s not a forum, it’s a blog…. my blog to be precise!

          1. You didn’t mind Rich saying it was a forum or Is that because you thought he paid you a compliment. Shall I let Rich know it’s a blog!!!

    2. Hi Rich, just registered to ensure you got my reply.

      Would love the Bond Street ticket, can pay straight away via PayPal etc.

      Just drop me a mail: onlydj@gmail.com.

      I’ve just had a new baby and this would be a dream come true!



  9. Ok I’m really annoyed everyone keeps saying Mayfair is rare but I don’t believe them, I have Mayfair and just brought 10 big mac meals to get park lane and I didn’t get it! Can someone tell me if Mayfair is really rare? Or can someone sell me park lane?

  10. Hey man, I’ve got Park Lane, will sell to anyone for £100K, the set (Mayfair+Park Lane) is worth £500K, so £100K for half the set has to be worth it right?
    (sorry, this is a poor attempt at humour) … only Mayfair is worth £500K, Park Lane is worth ziltch , I guarantee anyone they’ll get Park Lane within a few visits to Maccy D’s, I’ve got 4 already!

    1. Lol Jane glad I’m not the only one that’s worked out that the non-rare stickers are worth zip!

      We’ve been 3 times during this and have got at least one park lane sticker on each visit. Have about 8 or 9 of them in total

  11. OMG you have all just provided me with some entertainment for the afternoon. You are all so sad and need to get a life. Dave – you eat too much McDonalds and the rest of you are too fucking stupid to own computers!!

    1. Not sure I’d class 3 visits in the last month as too much and that’s much more often than we normally go

      You are right about most of the other comments though

    2. PMSL laughing at Getalife. How did you venture onto this blog, you must have googled it or something related to it. YOu didn’t just stumble onto it.

      Hypocrisy at it’s best

  12. Hi Guys,
    The sarcasm and never ending wit is hilarious here.. lol
    But on a serious note – if anyone has Bond street, coventry street, northumberland avenue or old kent road, please let me know – afi_k_666@hotmail.com
    Thanks guys 🙂

  13. I genuinely have the instant win 1200 pound instant win ticket. would anyone buy it for 1000 pound?
    Kind Regards,

    1. Use it then! and put the £1200 you will save on energy towards a holiday rather than selling yourself short of £100 🙂

  14. So am i right in thinking that it is very unlikely that the £500,000 will be won by anyone!?

    There must be hundreds of thousands of people who don’t even bother to look at the stickers… it could already be in the bin!?

    What a con!

    I know Mcdonalds have ran this promotional monopoly guff before … has anyone ever actually won the top prizes?

    I have pretty much every other sticker … I’m not a ‘Golden arches addict’ mind, we have ‘fat friday’ at work and i get every ones stickers when they’re done.

    oh well … i’ll use all of the free McFlurry vouchers to nurse the disapointment

    1. It’s likely the whole business model behind this promotion does count on some of the prizes going unclaimed because as you say if someone just chucks a rare sticker without even checking for it, that prize can no longer be won (unless you go rummaging in the bins of course) because they will not circulate more stickers than they have prizes for otherwise if two people find a mayfair sticker then McDonalds would have to pay out two prizes so it’s clear they only circulate as many of the rare stickers as they have prizes for.

      We pretty much have every sticker too and have only been 4 times including a visit today during which we got yet another park lane to go with our collection of about 10 now and 4 whitechapel roads!!

      Also have a few desert vouchers and some porridges but its hard work redeeming the food vouchers as you are only meant to use 1 per transaction but thats probably something else they are counting on…. some of the food vouchers going unused

  15. you just dont get it, a winning set enters you into a prize draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there will be thousands of people with mayfair and park lane, they wont issue one mayfair!!!

  16. can’t believe everyone is going on a mad hunt for all the rare ones. anyone heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is” thats exactly how it seems to me. you lot can enjoy the misery of getting fat, overspending and playing into there hands. fuck it if i found it i would give it to someone who really needed the money.

    1. I don’t think it’s a case of going on a hunt for them. I think it’s sensible to keep your eyes open if you are in McDonalds on the off chance that you might be lucky.

      I prefer the phrase “What’s fur ye will no go by ye”

  17. Ed – refer to the T&Cs link posted above. In it, it clearly states McDonalds will only release however many sets for the eligible prize. Ie, there is only one mayfair prize so they have said that there will only be one complete winning set.

    I also can’t believe how thick people are being………..I’m astounded actually

  18. congratulations ed (sarcasm) if anyone did have a winning ticket, which i doubt why would they give it away to some random person on the internet? they would probly give it to a family member or a close friend. you are so gullable its unbelievable lol. i found this link looking to see if there are any winners btw. i havnt found 1

  19. My mate threw away mayfair last week not thinking it was worth anything until he found parklane today….after searching the bins and not finding it he is rather annoyed lol! Shit Happens! But it will haunt him for te rest of his life!

  20. Ha!

    to all of you who don’t believe you can win a big prize:

    I claimed a free 12oz hot drink on Friday!

    In Your Face!!!


    1. Whoa Jo, first thing you need to do is press your caps lock key! It’s one of the buttons on the left hand side of your keyboard and stops you doing what is known on the net as “shouting” which is rather annoying.

      So two people now claim to have located the mayfair sticker and stupidly thrown it away…. is that even mathematically possible? Nope!

  22. I got the mayfair sticker with a big mac meal yesterday. Didn’t realise it was worth anything so I ate it. Shame!

  23. Ppl….if its true there is story in sun newspaper today where some couple have actually threw away the mayfair ticket and only realised once they got the park lane few days later.

    Typical, but not uncommon…

    Just like the bloke who threw away the £100k winner on scratchcard last week…what a fool….

  24. I know it’s your website, Dave, but you really need to stop getting wound up by all the idiots and trolls. You can’t educate everyone!

    1. Hi Kes

      Not really wound up, gotten used to it over the last month or so. I’m just more amazed at the sheer stupidity of some people.

      Though not as stupid as the bloke who apparently threw the £500k winning sticker away if the story in the sun is to be believed (not that much that appears in the sun can be believed of course)

  25. Dave and baby,

    Youve really got into this Mcdonalds Monoppoly rubbish, and keep posting coments like you’ve got nothing better to do.

    Yes your probably right there must have been only one mayfair available as rules state only one Blue winner, Park Lane, being as common as muck as they are 2 a penny.

    But it probably isnt worth collecting anymore tokens as the mayfair was found and binned by mature student so the whole thing has been a complete waste of time, bar the mcflurrys and chicken sandwiches.

    Yes people are very thick and think they are exclusive park lane holders, but you don’t have to educate them. take care until next year.

  26. Hi everyone i have to get two more stickers and then i have completed the whole board if any one has the strand and liverpool st. station could they please reply !!!

  27. dear dave

    why waste your time posting the same shit over and over again i had a good laugh at your replys u feel realy passionate about mcdonalds b.t.w i have mayfair if any 1 wants it

    1. That’s nice though really not sure a year old sticker is going to do anyone any good

      Probably should crack open a calendar before making moronic comments eh?



    1. And we have another commenter who needs to consult a calendar. Or invent a time machine though the latter would involve a degree of intelligence beyond someone who can’t even find their caps lock key

    1. Actually Adam that’s the first sensible comment this post has received since 2010. Comments disabled on this post

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