May 2010 Aims

Time once again to take a look at this blogs aims

Aim One

Aim one is to adopt the apple way of thinking by developing a new product that isn’t just 4 other products glued together, take the prototype out to a pub, leave it in the pub and then get the bloke who very kindly returned it to me arrested

Aim Two

Aim two is to retrain every single pilot flying in and out of Great Britain and teach them how to fly their planes away from or around obstacles rather than sitting on their bums for week because they can’t be bothered

Aim Three

Aim three is to allow voting for the UK general election by Twitter, thereby granting the Liberal Democrats a landslide victory

Aim Four

Aim four is to force Gordon Brown to enter the big brother house where we can see him insult the electorate without realising he has a mic 24 hours a day

Aim Five

Aim five is to plaster a giant picture of Graham Norton all over BBC Television Centre and see how they like it (though thankfully any BBC employees with BBCHD will be immune)

Summer is here (least for another week or so) so lets see how Nostradamus did with last months predictions

Prediction One was “Apple will release a brand new iPhone that isn’t just 4 iPhones glued together”…….. and its a no, though as they will probably just leave it in a bar that’s probably a blessing

Prediction Two was “Gordon Brown will place a booking for a removal van on a date early in May” and indeed he has (or probably has), after insulting the electorate on a microphone even Gordon can’t be deluded enough to believe he wont be needing to move house in the next few days

Prediction Three was “The Lord will bring on the full fury of his wrath burning the earth to a cinder and then it will rain fish”…. Earth not a cinder….. no fish…. WRONG!

Here are next months predictions

Prediction One

Nick Clegg will be the next UK prime minister

Prediction Two

Iceland supermarkets will be forced into liquidation following the disruption caused by the ash cloud originating from them

Prediction Three

The British Aviation Authority will admit that flying around or away from things is preferable to sitting on their bums for a week

Just two out of three needed and Nosty will finally win the barbecue

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  1. Hi Dave. Was googling “Street Fighter Preston”. Came across a post saying you had the game on Digital Spy’s forums.

    Was just going on a little recruitment drive to attract more members to “Street Fighter Preston” a group on Facebook to try round up Street Fighter players in the Preston area.

    If you have facebook and are a fan of Street Fighter then give it a look.

    (oh and don’t worry…I don’t think any of the members are the type to send gloating messages after a win).

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