Can I Replatinum Final Fantasy XIII Whilst PSN Is Down?



Early on into the failure of the PSN network and Sony’s general failure to protect our personal data or provide us any kind of meaningful information on when service is going to be resumed, I purchased a new PS3 to replace one whose blu ray drive had ever so nicely decided to conk out. Due to PSN being down I have as yet been unable to sync my trophies or download my DLC to my console limiting what I can play as I have several games like Dragon Age 1 and 2 for which some of the DLC is an integral part to the story.

About 1 week ago or so I have the random thought that as the console is now handing out trophies that I have already earned as it hasn’t synced with my PSN account, maybe I could re-earn my sole platinum trophy I have achieved so far which is on Final Fantasy XIII. This platinum is one that I earned after two playthroughs of the game totalling about 200 hours of gameplay. The platinum is possible on just one playthrough though assuming you don’t miss anything or stupidly sell or dismantle any treasures that are only available in spheres at certain points in the game so it is my aim to re-achieve it in just the one playthrough and hopefully with significantly less playtime but still a significant amount of playtime that should highlight the amount of time Sony have allowed PSN to stay down for.


This section will be updated at the end of each day/session with my progress. I only started this post fairly late in the story however there is much that needs to be done even after completion of the main story.

15/05/11 – 20:26

Knowing that PSN was coming back up today has been one long grind really. Firstly killing as many adamantoises as I could with the summon/death trick in hope of them dropping a trapezohedron. I got one trapezohedron which I promptly used to transform Lightning’s weapon to ultimate and then maxed it with the array of ultracompact reactors I had accumulated from selling platinum ingots. Tried to kill a few more in hope of another trap but none were forthcoming. Moved on and completed chapter 12 after another stupidly easy encounter with the proudclad.

Sailed through chapter 13 until I reached the ramp containing enemies worth 32k CP each. Grinded there until characters had maxed core roles, one secondary role and were well on their way to maxing an additional secondary role and that is as far as I got before the news arrived that PSN was back (at least partially). So trophies have been synced and I have my platinum back but failed the challenge of re-earning it before the restoration of PSN. But at least I have my lightning theme on my XMB again!


Sony are starting to restore PSN services in some regions including trophy sync so its likely I’m going to fail this challenge as my platinum trophy should sync back over once I download the new firmware and connect to PSN. It’s a shame as if it was down for another week or if I’d started this challenge a lot earlier than I did, I might have succeeded. I may continue this playthrough anyway and try to max out the crystarium and 5* all missions which would earn pretty much every trophy bar the annoying treasure hunter one


Completed a few more Ci’eth missions, completed Taejin’s tower, reached Oerba and rebuilt Bhakti earning the pulsian pioneer trophy in the process. Obtained and upgraded taming pole to max tier 2. Lightning, Hope, Fang and Vanille now have max tier 2 weapons. Need 4 trapezohedrons to convert to untimate weapons but only way to get them is for 2million gil or by farming Adamantoise. Attempt to kill an adamantoise, fail miserably. Console myself by taking down as many adamanchelids instead. Complete chapter 11. Reach leviathan plaza on chapter 12 after the easiest ever encounter with Proudclad’s first form which due to my excessive levelling I take down in one stagger. Attempt to kill the adamantoise using vanille and summon/death. Fail on 3 occasions before giving up for the day.


Little progress. Reached but did not enter Taejin’s tower instead choosing to double back and do a few more missions and continue building my teleportation network


As expected made little progress in terms of story in chapter 11 due to its size and that I’m power levelling to try and make life a touch easier when I get to endgame. Completed Ci’eth missions 1-15 though without 5* so some will have to be reattempted in endgame. Reached maw of the abyss and grinded until all characters had maxed all 3 core disciplines and are learning a 4th discipline. Achieved a trophy for completing all low level Ci’eth stones. Killed Juggernaut for no reason other than because I could. Discovered the joy that is increased ATB rate synthesised ability, something I’ve never done in either playthrough before but increases lightnings ATB rate by 15% which doesn’t sound much but does made a difference. Lightning also has nearly maxed her tier 2 helter skelter. Hope has a maxed tier 1 Airwing and is waiting until I find the transformational catalyst (I refuse to buy catalyst until absolutely necessary preferring to farm them or pick them up in treasure spheres or mission rewards – Gil is short enough in this game without wasting money on something I can pick up for free). Fang is waiting for taming pole before I upgrade her weapon. All other characters have tier 1 weapons.


Completed chapters 9, 10 and commenced chapter 11 of the story. Have just entered the Archylte Steppe and accepted the 1st Ci’eth Stone mission. Have earned all story trophies so far and the loremaster trophy which unlocked for getting information on 100 enemies. Aims for next day attempt any possible Ci’eth missions and startt to build my teleportation network and unlock Chocobos. Reach Maw of the Abyss and grind to level up. Kill Juggernaut at end of Maw of the Abyss that was impossible on my first playthrough but possible on my 2nd and 3rd and progressively easier with each play. Also want to see if it is possible to kill an Adamantoise in chapter 11 rather than run away from them very fast as is the normal tactic. On my last playthrough I managed to kill one in chapter 12 despite it being supposedly impossible by using Vanille’s summon/spam death trick. This allowed both treasure spheres to be obtained in chapter 12 which is also meant to be impossible

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