Stop Tapatalk Spam

I’ve grinned and bared this for over a year but now the annoyance has gotten to me and it is time to take action. Anyone who owns a smartphone and doesn’t elect to use tapatalk to view forums as their phone’s browser is more than sufficient will know what I am talking about.

Tapatalk works by installing a plugin into most popular forum software such as vbulletin or phpbb. And once installed tapatalk then start spamming anyone who dares visit the forum using a mobile browser instead of their app with an annoying pop up inviting said user to go and buy the tapatalk app whether they want to buy it or not.

Now I’m not against tapatalk as a whole. I’m sure it is a great way to view forums for those who choose to use it. But no website should add a function that then impairs the user experience of those who choose not to use that function and a ruddy big advertising pop up certainly impairs the user experience.

So I am calling on tapatalk to either

1. Remove the pop up completely or
2. Implement a global opt out so if you cancel the pop up on one forum you will no longer get it on any forum

If like me you are fed up of these pop ups then why not let tapatalk know how fed up you are. Take a screenshot whenever you get a pop up (on iOS press the home and lock keys simultaneously, on android methods vary) and use twitter to send it to @tapatalk along with the hashtag #StopTapatalkSpam and maybe if they get spammed a few times with their own pop up they may take notice and do something about it

5 thoughts on “Stop Tapatalk Spam”

  1. Tapatalk is spam…. I have a dual core 1ghtz device..browser based forums are fast. the tapatalk app is painfully slow, so i dont use it…and i STILL have to deal with their garbage spam.

    Tapatalk is junk coding by junk ass developers…stay out of my way…

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