McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes 2013 Rare Stickers (updated)

It’s that time of year again. McDonalds are about to launch their annual monopoly promotion and once again I will be posting the rare stickers / pieces in a bid to boost my advertising revenue. An unfortunate side effect each year though is that some of the most stupid people on gods green earth decide to comment and demonstrate their stupidity. But it’s worth it. Right? RIGHT????????

So here are the rare stickers

Brown – Urbanz Headphones – Old Kent Road (50,000 Rare Stickers)

Light Blue – Best Western Break – Euston Road (1250 Rare Stickers)

Purple – £100 Buyagift Voucher – Whitehall (800 Rare Stickers)

Orange – Samsung Galaxy S3 – Vine Street (150 Rare Stickers)

Red – Panasonic 3D Smart TV – Strand (200 Rare Stickers)

Yellow – Jamaican Holiday – Coventry Street (50 Rare Stickers)

Green – Honda Civic – Bond Street (15 Rare Stickers)

Dark Blue – £50k – Mayfair (8 Rare Stickers)

Stations – Xbox 360 with Kinect – Liverpool St Station (500 Rare Stickers)

It appears that McDonalds have decided to break with habit and have varied their stickers for the first time in 3 years. The list above is what I’ve been able to confirm from sources on twitter as well as my own visit to McDonalds and is now complete and confirmed. Big thanks to the people on twitter who alerted me that there had been a change and also helped with narrowing down the rare stickers

The following is a FAQ based on some of the more stupid (and the odd intelligent) comments I’ve had the last few years

Q. I have park lane. Who has mayfair and wants to split the prize with me?

A. You’d be amazed how often this one still comes up. You have park lane, I have park lane. EVERYBODY has park lane. There are millions of park lane stickers which are each worth less than 1p. There are 8 Mayfair stickers which are worth £50,000 minus less than 1p. DO THE MATHS!

Q. I have mayfair, bond street or one of the other valuable rare stickers?

A. That’s nice. Go claim your prize then

Q. I have a winning sticker, how do I claim?

A. Actually this is quite a sensible question. All rare stickers should have instructions on them directing you to phone or visit a special winners site that McDonalds usually set up to allow claims. Full claim instructions should be on the rare sticker. You can also collect your pieces online this year by entering codes from the property stickers. It is likely that the McDonalds Monopoly website will assist you in claiming if you enter codes for a full property set

Q. I can collect my stickers online this year?

A. You sure can. Head over to the McDonalds Monopoly website where you can enter game codes and collect your stickers this way. You will need to register with the website. You should also retain any stickers you register to the website as proof for if and when you win a prize. Each time you enter a code on the website you will also win a prize. There are some decent prizes like football tickets, iPads, iPods, cash and digital cameras but these are as rare as the rare stickers. Most of the time you are going to win a naff discount voucher that you are never going to use, an mp3 download, 50 free photo prints or a free mobile game that for some unknown reason is only available on Android and not iOS

Q. I’m moving house soon. Should I play online?

A. No. As part of the registration process the site asks you for your postcode where any prizes are to be sent. The website also states that once entered this postcode cannot be changed. For this reason I suggest anyone moving soon should play offline or only enter stickers which are duplicates of those on their offline game board and are not rare on the online game

Q. How many rare stickers are in circulation?

A. There are 52,973 in total rare collect to win stickers which cover all the prize tiers. Number of stickers on each tier is listed above and ranges from a very unlikely 8 to a still fairly unlikely 50,000

Q. I need some of the non rare stickers, where can I get them?

A. If you visit a McDonalds in Preston, I normally give away any non rare stickers which I already have to neighbouring tables. If you visit a McDonalds elsewhere you will just have to hope there are people as nice as me sitting next to you

Q. Why do you have fewer rare stickers listed than there are prizes for that tier?

A. Some tiers have instant win stickers which instantly win the prize for that tier without needing to collect the property set. I have listed the number of collect to win stickers there are in circulation for each tier

Q. I live in the Preston area and am looking for some inexpensive portrait photography

A. Well it just so happens that I’m a student photographer who also offers professional photography services for a much lower price than a professional photographer. Why not check out Dave Thorp Photography (END SHAMELESS PLUG)

More questions may be added if I get any particularly daft comments this year (which lets face it, I will. I get daft comments every year and expect it to be worse this year since the blog now supports commenting using social networks like Twitter and Facebook. God help me!)

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  1. Hi. does anybody know if i am having last year green sticker Bond Street that I can claim this year prize? Sorry for bad English

    1. Stickers from previous years are not valid for this years game. McDonalds will use the code on the bottom of the stickers to validate the sticker

  2. Wow over 2 weeks into the promotion and just the one stupid comment so far. You guys aren’t even trying this year are you?

  3. Random question but do you know how many prizes are usually claimed.. I’m guessing some must be binned or ignored without people realising they’ won?

    1. Don’t know specifically but I think I read that last year only about 2 or 3 of the jackpot prizes were claimed.

      Certainly a large number will get binned as you say. We had lunch in McDonalds yesterday and a couple of tables away from us was a tray with the stickers unpeeled from the cups and other packaging which sadly got binned by a McDonalds employee before we had chance to womble the unwanted stickers

  4. Hi !

    Anyone out there got community chest? I just need that and I’ve got the full set!

    1. The stickers are randomly distributed so no specific food item will be less or more likely to have rare stickers on

      However you receive more stickers for buying chicken legend meals or quarter pounder deluxe meals so buying them will give you more chance of winning

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