How to look stupid

So the news broke today that Baroness Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister and Britain’s first female PM died of a stroke today. Needless to say her death is currently dividing people on Facebook and Twitter however a group of people on the hashtag #nostatefuneral on twitter are just making themselves look very stupid by tweeting and retweeting a link to a petition on the number 10 petitions site which at the time of writing this post has 5,416 signatures.

The petition can be found at however there is zero point in signing it unless you want to look stupid. And here’s why……

1. It has been stated in the news that Baroness Thatcher did not want a state funeral and is having a Ceremonial Funeral therefore the petition is a bit of a non starter anyway. However this isn’t the biggest thing wrong with signing the petition
2. The petition is due to end in February 2014 which means by the time anyone from the Prime Minister’s Office looks at it she will have been long since buried.

By all means though carry on signing it if you want. Morons!

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