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13 thoughts on “McDonalds Win Win Monopoly 2017 – Rare Stickers”

    1. That would be down to the individual server but a cup of water isn’t on the official list of what should carry stickers and a standard non promotional cup *should* be used for this but might not always be

  1. So I work in maccies, and I take it that these totals are per store, because 4 mayfairs in the whole country and the chance that these are thrown away in the red bin that food waste goes into. I doubt it would be the whole country. I actually had a large argument with my manager about this and thinking about it logically it has to be per store.

    I’m not really sure though. Nor do I really care, if i did get mayfair I wouldn’t even be able to claim it.

    1. The totals are across the whole country. As you say there is a chance that some of the 4 mayfair stickers will get thrown away by mistake and this will reduce the amount that McDonalds have to pay out in prizes each year. You’re no doubt aware of how many stickers your store distributes each and every day and so have an idea how hard it therefore is to win anything decent from this promotion.

      In the highly unlikely even you came across a Mayfair sticker my suggestion would be to pass it on to a friend to claim on your behalf

  2. You work in mcdonalds and you think it’s per store? I can’t believe how you think that. There’s over a thousand mcdonalds in the UK…that would mean half a billion in prize money given away. Plus, if there ‘had’ to be 4 per store, someone would have to know which tickets contain it, so it could easily be fixed.

  3. It looks like a lot of the “prizes” this year are 20% off vouchers to dodgy online retailers whose prices start at 50% over the going rate. Just when you think they couldn’t cheap out any more…

  4. Great job Dave! You’re doing so many people a favour with this site. You’re one of the good ones!

  5. Yep, I won the £100k. Well £50k actually, because I had Park Lane and needed Mayfair, which Dave had, so we split the winnings!

  6. Hi Dave-
    Checked your blog and surprised to see no mention of the Mcdonald’s Monopoly promotion which starts on the 21st March 2018. There are a few minor differences to last year’s version, but the main details are the same.

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