About me

All you could possibly want to know about me but were afraid to ask

Who are you?

I’m Dave Thorp… it says that at the top of the site. Duh!

Where are you?

In front of my Mac… which is in Preston, Lancashire at present

What do you do?

I’m a marketing student, freelance photographer and blogger from Preston in Lancashire

Are you single?

No I’m not

So who are you with?

Been with my girlfriend Ellie since July 2018

What’s your phone number?

How dumb do you think I am? I post that in a public place and suddenly I’m inundated with people called George calling me from my bank about some monies

Are you on facebook?

Why yes I am. If you want to subscribe to my ramblings then you can do so here

Are you on Twitter?

Yes I am thanks for asking. I’m @davejthorp and if you follow me, not only will you get further words of wisdom from me but also will be alerted to new posts on this site as well. Groovy!

Do you have any other websites

Why yes I do. I have a photoblog which also doubles as the website for my photography business over at Dave Thorp Photography. I also run and maintain The Strictly Spoiler which posts Strictly Come Dancing spoilers and news. That content originally started on this site but has since expanded to its own domain following a boom in traffic in 2014.

Why does the menu for this site display strangely in Internet Explorer

Because you are using Internet Explorer! Please try the site in a superior browser like Firefox Chrome or Safari or if you must continue using IE click the broken page icon in the address bar and reload the page. This should fix this issue!

This question is from a few years ago and I’m now mainly on OS X so have no idea if this is still an issue or if Microsoft have fixed their browser.

I am interested in advertising on your site

All adverts on this site are provided through amazon, google or tradedoubler. You should therefore approach those sites if you are interested in having your adverts hosted on this (or indeed many other) website(s)


Cookies are nice biscuit based snacks. They are also nice things that allow you to stay logged into sites, ensure any advertising you see is relevant to you and can even track purchases on shopping sites which allow you to earn cashback on sites like Quidco and Topcashback. However some people including the EU have privacy concerns about cookies for some strange reason and as a result some stupid EU directive has been passed that most sites have implemented in a way that impairs the user experience for anyone who couldn’t give a rats arse about cookies. So instead I’m posting the following statement about cookies on this site

This site uses cookies to allow users to stay logged in to the blogging system however since I am the only person allowed to log in this doesn’t affect you but hey it’s worth mentioning anyway. If you don’t want a login cookie simply don’t try and log in. Because you can’t anyway, Unless you hack my account. Don’t do that!

Cookies may also be used for the commenting system particularly if you comment through your social networking account although chances are if you use those sites you will have a ton of cookies from them anyway (especially Facebook)

In addition this site will make use of cookies through Google and other advertising networks in order to serve you adverts that are relevant to you based on your browsing and/or search history, track any clicks on any ads on the site and provide me with anonymous data about the traffic this site receives which I check about once a year so again doesn’t really affect anyone! You can find out more about the cookies Google uses and opt out of their targeted advertising cookies here. Bear in mind that this will simply prevent Google from serving ads that are relevant to you. It will not stop you from seeing ads nor should you block the ads on this site as they contribute to my increasing hosting costs.

If you are really concerned about cookies you can either turn them completely off in your browser preferences however this is not advisable unless you like logging in every time you visit a website which requires you to log in and like breaking most of the internet. Alternatively you can use the Do Not Track feature that most modern browsers now have. You can find details about this feature in your browser’s documentation.

You can view more information about the cookies this site uses and how and why it uses them in my Privacy Policy

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This site uses cookies. As does pretty much every single other website on the internet because without cookies the Internet doesn't work!. Sadly the EU have passed a stupid law which requires me to harass new visitors with a stupid pop up asking if it is ok for the site to use something which makes much of the internet work! The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible and to make this site work properly! If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Once you have accepted cookies you should not see this pop up again for 9999 months. Unless you use a different browser. Or a different device. See it's a stupid law isn't it! Normally I would advocate adding pop ups like this one into an ad blocker or some other kind of content blocker but please don't do that. This site is expensive to run and I need the ad revenue! Oh and if you'd like more information on the cookies this site uses check out the privacy policy link below. And for more of my thoughts on this stupid law check out the about me page!