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Blackpool Zoo

how to purchase prednisone Took the kids to Blackpool Zoo yesterday. Images from the trip are available on my sister site at

Merry Christmas Yes it’s finally Christmas. Unfortunate but true.

Stuart and Alex are playing with their toys. Stuart is more interested in Alex’s toys though rather than his own.

Pictures will be uploaded later. Oh and in 13 hours time Nosty will have got another prediction right. There is no stopping this guy is there!

I was right!!!

Well I was right as the great british public proved once again that they are sheep and will purchase any old tat simply because it came from the x-factor or other similar talent(less) contests. Jeff Buckley did manage to get to number 2 though (which lets face it is the equivalent to number one these days as Simon Cowell more or less reserves the number one slot months or even years in advance)

Shame on you all…. oh and next year please lock up your eight year old daughters so some decent music has a chance to top the charts!