Power to the People

We tried and failed last year but this year we came back bigger and better and with one goal in mind. To show to Simon Cowell and the people behind the X-Factor that the Christmas Number One spot is not a god given right for whichever poor sap is chosen as winner of the annual […]

How to make the X-Factor for far less money

In the middle of a recession, even TV companies are feeling the pinch with ITV cutting back by introducing a vast array of gameshows where the contestants win naff all and only broadcasting in high definition for 2 minutes per week via a medium that only one person has. But there are much simpler ways […]

Right take this Simon!

Well its that time of year when the music loving members of the great British Public rise up against the brainwashed hordes that Simon Cowell has amassed and try and stop Simon’s latest braindead pawn from getting to Christmas Number One. And if you didn’t already know, this is how we are going to do […]

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