Bye bye virgin

Slightly earlier than planned but we are now totally disconnected from virgin media with our phone service now on BT, Sky got installed yesterday and O2 broadband activated itself in record time by activating just over 1 working day after we ordered it. So how are we finding the changes. I’ll avoid talking about BT […]

Thank god I’m leaving

Just found out that my area is going to be a trial area for virgin media’s new traffic management which is even more fun and confusing than it was previously but now also seriously limits your downloads at the weekend if you download over 7.5Gb Thank god my BT line should be installed on Friday […]

Vat Reduction – Well done virgin media

Just had a reply from my e-mail sent to the chief executive of virgin media, Neil Berkett about the reduction in VAT. I am pleased to say that they will be passing the reduction onto their customer base. His e-mail to me was as follows: Yes we will be reducing the VAT rate for all […]

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