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Apple Release iOS 8.4 (beta update requested fix)

buy provigil cheap online Apple have release iOS 8.4 today ready for the launch of Apple Music. Sadly the update has not gone without a hitch with many users running iOS 8.4 beta reporting their devices are stuck on “update requested”. Thankfully I have the fix: Go into settings/general/profiles. Remove the iOS beta profile and reboot your device. The update should then work!

EDIT just adding a bit more info from some questions seen on reddit. Yes this will mean you no longer download beta updates but you can simply redownload the profile once updated either right now at or when iOS 9 public beta is released next month

Apple Reuse and Recycling Review

For the last month or so I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with the Apple Reuse and Recycling Service provided by Dataserv and felt the need to review my experience so others don’t experience the poor service provided by the scheme.

Early October I arranged to sell my old iPhone 5 64GB and checked a number of recycling sites and found that Apple offered the best price of £220. I filled out my details on Apple’s Website and packaged up my phone to send to them.

On 7th October I handed my phone over at the post office and obtained a receipt. Days pass by into weeks and 2 weeks later I chase up to be told that they have received my phone and it is on its way to their logistics hub to be assessed. A few days later I receive an email confirming receipt, advising my phone would be tested soon and asking for bank details to make the payment to me. This is the last I have heard from them in spite of sending an additional email chasing things up.

It is now over a month since I sent them my phone and I am still to receive a payment from them. Sadly having done some further searching, experiences like mine seem to be common place. Other mobile recyclers pay within a matter of days, often on the day of receipt. It seems with Apple’s officially endorsed service that what should take a few days can actually take a few months. Which I’m sure for many Apple customers is far less than the level of service one would expect from a company endorsed by Apple to the point where it is featured on their website.

Emails were sent to Dataserv and Apple prior to posting this review without a response from either party.

EDIT – well it’s amazing what a bit of negative publicity on a fairly high traffic blog can do as Dataserv have now replied and have also paid me by faster payments and the money is in my account. So the whole process from start to finish starting from when I posted my phone has taken the grand total of 36 days. A process that would take any other recycling service less than 7. I do have to write one positive thing though, at least they didn’t try and claim the phone had cosmetic damage and reduce my quote accordingly. Which is a shame as I was really hoping they would claim the screen was scratched or something similar as the entire front of the phone was replaced under AppleCare prior to sending the phone off

Three UK Massively Increase Their iPhone 5 Pricing

When the iPhone 5 launched and I blogged a comparison of the prices across all the major UK networks one thing stood out. Three were significantly cheaper than the rest. Well not any more!

In what can only be described as a bizarre move given the phone is now 6 weeks old and the launch buzz well and truly over, Three appear to have decided to amend their pricing. And not in the direction you would expect as prices have sky rocketed.

When the phone launched £79 would net you the 16GB model on a £34 or £36 two year plan. Now the asking price is £99. And the news worsens for the higher capacity models. At launch the 32GB model was £89 on a £37 or £39 a month plan. It’s now £199 on a £34 or £36 a month and £149 on a £39 a month. The top end 64GB model which was a steal at £109 on a £40 or £42 a month plan is now £269 on a £34 or £36 a month and £219 on a £39 a month. Although there is a silver lining as anyone willing to pay £54 a month and not be on The One Plan can get the 64GB model for free just don’t bother trying to use the tethering feature of the phone as you can’t on the £54 plan

In fairness to Three, the revised pricing is still (for the most part) competitive when compared to the rival networks, it just came as a shock particularly to my other half who was holding off on upgrading during the initial launch period and was considering getting the phone soon. She’s now reconsidering and looking at the alternatives especially as other networks offer a better signal in the areas she uses her phone compared to Three who don’t even have the advantage of bargain basement pricing anymore