Watch the world cup in HD

World Cup is nearly upon us and sky are offering new and existing customers the chance to upgrade to skyHD to be able to watch the football in high definition. New customers get a free sky+HD box with free standard installation and 6 months free HD pack (saving £10 a month for 6 months) Existing […]

Digital Satellite Warranty Cover…. NO THANKS

So today, I received a direct marketing mail from a Digital Satellite Warranty Cover ltd telling me the warranty on my satellite system is due to expire and inviting me to sign up to a plan costing from £6.49 a month to £11.99 a month (and actually likely to cost us £23.98 a month as […]

Enjoy free high definition with sky+HD this christmas

I have 6 referral codes to allow both new and existing customers (who don’t already have a sky+HD box) to get a free HD box with free standard install when you join (or stay with) sky for 12 months and subscribe to the HD pack (£10 a month on top of your normal subscription). Anyone […]

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