Welcome To My New Home

I know what most of you are thinking. This looks an awful lot like the old home. But it isn’t! As discussed in the last few posts I have been looking at transferring my hosting due to my host’s inability to cope with the traffic this site has been receiving over the last few weekends […]

McDonalds Monopoly Prize Vault 2014 Rare Stickers

I’m a couple of days late to this party but McDonald’s monopoly is back for yet another year. Still as unlikely to win anything but a big mac as ever (well actually marginally more likely to win as the number of prizes for some of the lower tiers has risen) and still likely to bring […]

O2 Mid Contract Price Rise Policy Incurs Customer Wrath

On 23rd January 2014 a ruling from OFCOM came into effect giving consumers the right to reject mid contract price increases on new contracts sold after this date. Heavily campaigned for by consumer groups such as Which this ruling was seen as a major victory for the consumer and ended a year or two period […]

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