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Good Friday…. but do we care?

Well today is Good Friday. But can’t say I’m all too bothered by the whole Easter thing. It’s all a bit too commercial these days anyway what with the chocolate industry charging about £5 for a pathetic egg that contains the same amount of chocolate that a 50p bar would.

And what’s the deal with the date changing every year? Christmas which is supposed to be Jesus’ birthday doesn’t change every year but it’s as though the church can’t make up their minds exactly when Jesus died for our sins and then came back to life (which isn’t that much of a miracle anyway since Harold Bishop did the exact same thing in neighbours a few years ago)

I’m sure when Stuart gets a bit older we’ll have to get into the whole thing though his grandparents seem to think a 5 month old baby can eat an Easter egg when he’s only just getting used to baby food. I’m sure Yvonne will eat any that Stuart can’t manage though

Blog Live

Well with any luck this blog is now live and people can actually come and have a look.

So hello if your reading this and feel free to leave a comment if you like 🙂

First Post

Big hi to anyone viewing this blog. This is my first post