Apple Release iOS 8.4 (beta update requested fix)

Apple have release iOS 8.4 today ready for the launch of Apple Music. Sadly the update has not gone without a hitch with many users running iOS 8.4 beta reporting their devices are stuck on “update requested”. Thankfully I have the fix:

Go into settings/general/profiles. Remove the iOS beta profile and reboot your device. The update should then work!

EDIT just adding a bit more info from some questions seen on reddit. Yes this will mean you no longer download beta updates but you can simply redownload the profile once updated either right now at or when iOS 9 public beta is released next month

McDonalds Golden Chances Monopoly 2015 Rare Pieces

where to order Pregabalin online That’s the promotion over with for another year and the comments are now locked. If you want to say something stupid, you’ll have to do it somewhere else!

McDonald’s monopoly is back for yet another year. With the usual big prizes that you’ve got no chance of winning and the usual food prizes such as fries, porridge, a hash brown (no really) or if you are really lucky a big mac. And as per usual the competition is designed to make you think you are near to winning a big prize because you have all but one of a property set. But the piece you need is the rare piece and thanks to this site, you can learn what they are

Anyway here are the rare pieces:

Brown – Urbanz Speakers – Old Kent Road (50,000 Rare Stickers)

Light Blue – £30 Boohoo Voucher – Euston Road (7,500 Rare Stickers)

Purple (or Pink apparently(!)) – Sennheiser Headphones – Northumberland Avenue (1,500 Rare Stickers)

Orange – Samsung Camera – Marlborough Street (750 Rare Stickers)

Red – £500 Shopping Spree – Strand (400 Rare Stickers)

Yellow – VIP Film Premiere – Coventry Street (20 Rare Stickers)

Green – Mini Cooper – Bond Street (15 Rare Stickers)

Dark Blue – £100k – Mayfair (4 Rare Stickers)

Stations – European Holiday – Liverpool Street (750 Rare Stickers)

buy nolvadex from canada Thanks to everyone who has commented as well as my other sources who have helped us narrow the list down and get everything confirmed on launch day and long before any other site (although they may claim otherwise, bless them 😉 ). The above should be the confirmed rare stickers for this year now. In a break with the last few years there doesn’t appear to have been any change to the rare stickers from last year!

Amazingly I didn’t get a single stupid comment last year. I’m guessing all the idiots have been locked up for their (and the public’s) protection. In spite of this I’ve added some frequently asked questions

Rare Stickers/Pieces? What’s this all about?

Amazingly several people don’t fully understand how this promotion works. These are normally the people saying “I’ve got Park Lane. Who has Mayfair and wants to split the prize with me?”. Incidentally don’t do that, you will be ridiculed.

The way the promotion works is simple, each property set has an allocated rare piece and McDonalds only print as many stickers of that piece as there are collect to win prizes for that set. All the other pieces in the set are as common as muck and you will easily accumulate them all or multiples of them all over the course of a few visits.

You only have to think about this briefly to realise just how rare the rare pieces are. There are 59,439 rare collect to win stickers this year. Out of the many millions of stickers that will be circulated across the country each day of the promotion. A good many of these rare stickers will also be discarded by people who don’t bother peeling them off or who don’t realise they’ve collected a rare sticker and McDonalds no doubt counts on this to reduce the prizes they have to pay out.

I have Park Lane, who has Mayfair and wants to split the prize with me?

Seriously just don’t!

I have Mayfair, who has Park Lane and wants to split the prize with me?

The earlier question was stupid enough. This takes it to a whole new level. Please check in to the nearest mental institution at your earliest convenience.

To spell it out though the Mayfair sticker is the winning sticker and is worth as close to £100k as makes no odds because there are only 4 of them in circulation. The Park Lane sticker has millions, if not billions in circulation and is worth less than 1p. Do the maths!

What items have stickers on them?

This seems to be coming up a lot in the comments especially with some confusion over the McFlurrys as some people have reported receiving stickers on McFlurrys that aren’t meant to have stickers on. The following is a list of products that should come with stickers taken from McDonalds’ Website:

  • Medium Fries
  • Large Fries
  • Premium Salad
  • Medium Soft Drink
  • Large Soft Drink
  • Large Iced Frappé
  • Large Iced Fruit Smoothie
  • Regular Iced Frappé
  • Regular Iced Fruit Smoothie
  • Deli Choices Sandwich
  • Deli Choices Wrap
  • Mozzarella Dippers
  • Big Tasty®
  • Big Tasty® with Bacon
  • Chicken Legend®
  • Chicken Selects 3 pieces
  • Chicken Selects 5 pieces
  • Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry
  • Cadbury Caramel McFlurry

I purchased an item not listed above but still received stickers

Lucky you. This may happen for many reasons, the most likely of which are staff training, the staff member simply making a mistake, laziness or the store not having stock of plain cups/boxes

How do I claim a prize?

For most of the collect to win and non food instant win prizes you can start the claim process at . This information should be detailed on your sticker but can be easy to miss. For food prizes hand the sticker to your server when ordering your food prize. For all other prizes see your sticker or the McDonalds Website

What is the best meal to purchase to maximise my chances of winning/stickers I receive?

McDonalds have done something quite interesting this year. Each store has its own instant win prize of a tablet. The instant win stickers for this prize are only on Big Tasty or Big Tasty with Bacon boxes which also provide 9 stickers if taken as a large meal. Purchasing this item gives you a marginally higher chance of winning a prize compared with the Chicken Legend Meal which also provides 9 stickers but won’t have the store specific instant win sticker or any other extra value meal which only provide 6 stickers on a large meal.

What’s with the losing stickers this year?

Frankly I don’t know why McDonalds have done this this year. I know a lot of people aren’t happy about it looking on twitter. Why McDonalds felt the need to do this rather than just give you another Park Lane sticker to add to your collection or some free porridge you are never going to claim I really don’t know, you’d have to ask them.

How can this site cope with the traffic this promotion causes when others struggle?

That’s a good question. One other popular site that lists the rare stickers was down the bulk of the opening day whereas this site stayed up. This site utilises technology to balance traffic load and cope better with spikes in traffic. This site was significantly upgraded in Autumn 2014 to cope with such spikes due to traffic it was receiving at another busy time of the year for the site when several thousand people were trying to view the site at the same time. This site coped with a peak of 30k hits in a day during this period following the upgrades and could probably cope with far more too because of the technology it employs.

I care about my visitors more than a lot of websites and building a site that will cope with the traffic demands placed on it is important to me.

Is this site connected with McDonalds in any way, shape or form?

No it isn’t



The Voice UK Series 4 Live Show Spoilers

The live shows may still be a few weeks away but we’ve still the pre recorded battle and knockout stages to get through now the blind auditions are complete. But just who gets through the battles and the knockouts to make it through to the live shows. Let’s find out:

Team Will: Sheena McHugh, Lucy O’Byrne, Vikesh Champaneri.
Team Rita: Karis Thomas, Clark Carmody, Joe Woolford
Team Tom: Sasha Simone, Howard Rose, Lara Lee
Team Ricky: Emmanuel Nwamadi, Autumn Sharif, Stevie McCrorie

Complaints to the BBC!

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