Porting Day Tomorrow

Well tomorrow is when my number ports to t-mobile

So been on t-mobile for a week now. So far so good. As much as free weekends is a good offer on vodafone, free evening and weekend texts on t-mobile is going to be a lot better.

Plus web n walk is GOOD!!!!

Not had a problem in terms of network coverage as yet despite many people thinking I would.

So far t-mobile working out. Least till I get bored of them

All good with Virgin Media

All’s good for me with Virgin Media.

When I signed up I was on 3 for £30 which gave me

Basic TV
2 Mb Broadband
Free Weekend Calls

When virgin took over this was upped to

TV Size L
Broadband Size M (2Mb)
Phone Size M (Free Weekends)

Following the loss of the sky channels they upped it to 3 for £35 giving me

TV Size XL
Broadband Size L (supposed to be 4Mb but clocks at 10Mb most the time)
Phone Size L (Free evenings and weekends)

And now thanks to all the phone changes it should now be 3 for £33.45

Happy days 😀

Blog Live

Well with any luck this blog is now live and people can actually come and have a look.

So hello if your reading this and feel free to leave a comment if you like 🙂

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