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McDonalds Prize Choice Monopoly 2016 – Rare Stickers

buy provigil egypt That’s the promotion over with for another year. Comments are now locked so if you want to say something stupid I’m afraid you’ll have to find somewhere else to do it

It’s back for another year. This time you get to choose the prizes as it’s Prize Choice Monopoly. The game kicks off on 16th March when you can again win some life changing prizes or a hash brown. But only if you can find the rare pieces

So here they are:

Brown – Medium Extra Value Meal – Old Kent Road (1,000,000 Rare Stickers)

Light Blue – £30 Boohoo Voucher – Euston Road (7,500 Rare Stickers)

Purple (or Pink apparently(!)) – Choice of Beats In Ear on On Ear Headphones – Northumberland Avenue (1,500 Rare Stickers)

Orange – £250 Red Letter Days Experience – Marlborough Street (800 Rare Stickers)

Red – Sony TV or Speaker – Strand (400 Rare Stickers)

Yellow – Dream Holiday – Coventry Street (20 Rare Stickers)

Green – Choice of Minis – Bond Street (15 Rare Stickers)

Dark Blue – £100k – Mayfair (4 Rare Stickers)

Stations – £500 to spend at seetickets.com – Liverpool Street (750 Rare Stickers)

isotretinoin no prescription required The list should now be confirmed. Thanks to all who commented with their common stickers to help me fill in the gaps in the list and produce a confirmed list several days before other sites. As expected there are no changes to the rare pieces from 2015

Lots of stupid comments last year. No doubt there will be more this year. Please read the following FAQ before commenting if you want to avoid looking stupid!

Rare Stickers/Pieces? What’s this all about?

I continue to be amazed at just how many people don’t understand how this promotion works and think that because they have a Park Lane sticker they are halfway to winning £100k. The amount of people who still say “I’ve got Park Lane. Who has Mayfair and wants to split the prize with me?” is ridiculous. Which is why you will be invariably ridiculed if you do that.

For each collect to win set McDonalds select one piece to be the rare piece and print as many of those pieces as there are collect to win prizes for that tier. They then print millions, if not billions of the rest!

You only have to think about this briefly to realise just how rare the rare pieces are. There are 1,010,989 rare collect to win stickers this year 1,000,000 of which only win you a free medium meal with the remaining 10,989 winning you something that might actually be worth winning. Many millions of stickers will be distributed across the country each and every day. Do the maths!

I have Park Lane, who has Mayfair and wants to split the prize with me?

Seriously just don’t!

I have Mayfair, who has Park Lane and wants to split the prize with me?


Mayfair is the winning sticker! Park Lanes are distributed in their millions each and every day to try and trick people into thinking they are close to winning when they really aren’t. If indeed you have the Mayfair sticker please just visit McDonalds a couple more times and you are bound to pick up the Park Lane you need

Why are there more prizes for a tier than you’ve listed rare stickers for?

The rare stickers listed are for the collect to win prizes which require you to collect all 2/3/4 stickers in a set in order to win with one of those stickers being rare. Some prize tiers also have instant win prizes which are not included in the totals

What items have stickers on them?

There was a large amount of confusion about this last year which seemed to stem from some stores incorrectly placing products in containers with stickers on. The following is an official list of products which should carry stickers taken from the McDonalds Website

  • Medium Fries – 2 stickers
  • Large Fries – 3 Stickers
  • Medium Soft Drink – 2 Stickers
  • Large Soft Drink – 3 Stickers
  • Premium Salad (excluding Shaker Side Salad) – 3 Stickers
  • Chicken Legend® – 3 Stickers
  • Chicken Selects 3 pieces – 3 Stickers
  • Chicken Selects 5 pieces – 3 Stickers
  • Big Tasty® – 3 Stickers
  • Big Tasty® with Bacon – 3 Stickers
  • Signature Range – 3 Stickers
  • Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry – 2 Stickers
  • Cadbury Caramel McFlurry – 2 Stickers
  • Mozzarella Dippers – 2 Stickers
  • Big Flavour Wrap – 3 Stickers
  • Large Iced Frappé – 3 Stickers
  • Large Iced Fruit Smoothie – 3 Stickers
  • Regular Iced Frappé – 2 Stickers
  • Regular Iced Fruit Smoothie – 2 Stickers
  • Shaker Side Salad – 2/3 Stickers depending on size of meal ordered with (only after 10:30am)
  • Hot Drinks – 2/3 Stickers depending on size of meal ordered with (only after 10:30am)
  • Carton/Bottle Drinks – 2/3 Stickers depending on size of meal ordered with (only after 10:30am)

I purchased an item not listed above but still received stickers

Well done! Your server likely made a mistake! You should be very pleased!

How do I claim a prize?

Your winning instant win or rare collect to win stickers should have a web address to go to in order to start the claim process. Usually the web address is http://www.mcdwinner.co.uk. For food prizes hand the sticker(s) to your server when ordering your food prize or follow the instructions if ordering using a self service kiosk. For all other prizes see your sticker or the McDonalds Website

Will there be losing stickers this year?

I seriously hope not. This annoyed a lot of people last year, myself included. There was simply no need for it as they could have just given you another Park Lane to add to your collection or a free porridge voucher that you won’t use. Hopefully McDonalds have taken the negative feedback from last year on board and won’t be repeating this.

How can this site cope with the traffic this promotion causes when others struggle?

That’s a good question. One other popular site that lists the rare stickers was down the bulk of the opening day in 2015 whereas this site stayed up. This site utilises technology to balance traffic load and cope better with spikes in traffic. This site was significantly upgraded in Autumn 2014 to cope with such spikes due to traffic it was receiving at another busy time of the year for the site when several thousand people were trying to view the site at the same time. My site can cope with tens of thousands of people attempting to visit it simultaneously.

I care about my visitors more than a lot of websites and building a site that will cope with the traffic demands placed on it is important to me.

Is this site connected with McDonalds in any way, shape or form?

No it isn’t