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Invisible planes, trains and automobiles

why not find out more Well following Christmas for children it’s normally time to send out thank you letters. Been seriously resisting sending out the following to Stuart and Alex’s grandfather (my father) however have decided that it would be a waste of a stamp (even though I get 16 stamps a month free) so instead am posting it on here. Enjoy!

buy Lyrica online in uk Dear Grandad, Granny Suzie and Uncle Will,

Thank you for our invisible train set you asked Father Christmas to bring us for Christmas. We had hours of fun on Christmas Day trying to find it!

Stuart enjoyed pushing his invisible Roary the Racing Car that you got him for his birthday along the invisible tracks despite the fact that invisible Roary is supposed to go on invisible Silver Hatch Race Track and not an invisible train track.

As you are no doubt aware it is Alex’s birthday next month. He would very much like an invisible aeroplane as it goes faster than invisible Roary and will make Stuart very jealous. He will also be able to fly it up to his invisible cloud that you got him to commemorate his birth last year.

Thanks once again

Stuart and Alex (your grandchildren…. just in case you’d forgotten…. or perhaps thought they were invisible)

Merry Christmas

Yes it’s finally Christmas. Unfortunate but true.

Stuart and Alex are playing with their toys. Stuart is more interested in Alex’s toys though rather than his own.

Pictures will be uploaded later. Oh and in 13 hours time Nosty will have got another prediction right. There is no stopping this guy is there!

Happy Birthday Stuart – The Aftermath

Last year I made a post on the old blog system basically giving people some home truths over their behaviour or the fact that they couldn’t even be bothered attending Stuart’s first birthday party. Until today that post has remained hidden and even now the fact it is on a legacy system not connected with the main site means many people wont view it.

So this week was Stuart’s second birthday. And what were the results of it?

His Nanna and his Auntie Karen attended and got him presents even though they were short on money (presumably the presents were also from his Grandad on that side)

His Grandma and his Grandpa Harry attended and got him presents even though his Grandma was seriously ill and on antibiotics.

So who does that leave….. well his Grandad on my side of the family. Who wasn’t invited since he lied about why he didn’t attend last year, and has unilateraly proven that he is more bothered about another mans kid than he is about his own grandchildren. You can count the number of times he has seen Alex on one hand and we’re still waiting for Alex’s birth present and Stuart’s second birthday present. Not really worth holding our breath now is it? A poxy buttie shop that amongst other things utilises child labour and a midlife crisis are much more important now!