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Happy birthday to me!

Well it’s that time of the year where I get older and am now just one year away from being really old and my life being over.

And as expected I got a nice invisible bottle of JD from my tightwad of a father which there are some lovely photos of me drinking below.

In accordance with Aim One this month I am now obliged to release the following information

“Steven Thorp had an affair with his friends wife during 1996. The affair ended when she was diagnosed with cancer from which she sadly died in 1997”

Further information (possibly including names for the search engine spiders to pick up and index) may be released following Alex’s birthday on 27th of this month

Invisible JD Anyone
Invisible JD Anyone
Glug Glug Glug
Glug Glug Glug

Happy Birthday Stuart – The Aftermath

Last year I made a post on the old blog system basically giving people some home truths over their behaviour or the fact that they couldn’t even be bothered attending Stuart’s first birthday party. Until today that post has remained hidden and even now the fact it is on a legacy system not connected with the main site means many people wont view it.

So this week was Stuart’s second birthday. And what were the results of it?

His Nanna and his Auntie Karen attended and got him presents even though they were short on money (presumably the presents were also from his Grandad on that side)

His Grandma and his Grandpa Harry attended and got him presents even though his Grandma was seriously ill and on antibiotics.

So who does that leave….. well his Grandad on my side of the family. Who wasn’t invited since he lied about why he didn’t attend last year, and has unilateraly proven that he is more bothered about another mans kid than he is about his own grandchildren. You can count the number of times he has seen Alex on one hand and we’re still waiting for Alex’s birth present and Stuart’s second birthday present. Not really worth holding our breath now is it? A poxy buttie shop that amongst other things utilises child labour and a midlife crisis are much more important now!

Happy Birthday Stuart – Part Three

Here are all the pics (well most of them) from Stuart’s second birthday yesterday

Stuart on ZebraStuart on TrikeStuartStuart and DaddyStuart and Grandpa HarryAlex and Grandpa HarryStuart and CakeStuart and Yummy Cake
Everyone (who turned up and was invited)Mummy and StuartStuartAlex
Stuart and NannaAuntie Karen and AlexStuart and Auntie Karen

Oh and Nosty has indeed got prediction number one right this month as some people demonstrated yet again that they are equally useless Grandparents as they were parents!