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Right take this Simon!

http://idsn.com/computer-repairs-broadview/ Well its that time of year when the music loving members of the great British Public rise up against the brainwashed hordes that Simon Cowell has amassed and try and stop Simon’s latest braindead pawn from getting to Christmas Number One. And if you didn’t already know, this is how we are going to do it.

where to buy priligy in london Killing in the Name by Rage Against The Machine is this years protest song. The organisers of the facebook group are also raising money for shelter and some affiliate providers are also donating the affiliate revenue to shelter. So not only can you feel good at socking it to Simon Cowell but you can also feel good because you are actually helping some homeless people rather than walking straight past all the beggars and big issue sellers like you normally do all the rest of the year.

So go buy it. And here are some links to help you

Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine - Killing In the Name


nb I’ve updated the amazon link with the cheaper version now as it has been confirmed by the organisers of the campaign that sales of this download will count towards the chart despite the price being below the 40p limit set by the official charts company. This could be because amazon are making this track, and the x-factor track a loss leader meaning they are paying the music companies enough to warrant inclusion but actually making a loss on the track in hope that visitors to the site will buy other tracks or other items that would make amazon a profit. Tesco also have the x-factor single at 29p so it’s assumed this will also count (unfortunately)

Tis the season for free delivery

Well its not Christmas yet but Amazon are getting into the spirit already by offering free delivery on all your shopping now with no minimum spend. So get shopping and if your stuck for things to buy you can always buy me something off my wish list

Merry Christmas

Yes it’s finally Christmas. Unfortunate but true.

Stuart and Alex are playing with their toys. Stuart is more interested in Alex’s toys though rather than his own.

Pictures will be uploaded later. Oh and in 13 hours time Nosty will have got another prediction right. There is no stopping this guy is there!