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It’s Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

http://sparkwebgroup.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://sparkwebgroup.com/wp-admin/ Finally my cheque from my court case with Lloyds TSB has arrived. Nearly two months after I get judgement I have finally been paid.

buy modafinil from canada Just waiting for them to remove the default notice from my credit file now

Finally it’s nearly over

Well it looks like Lloyds have paid up. Just got a letter from the court today saying:

“A cheque for £200.32 has been received today. This amount will be forwarded to you after clearance of the cheque by the Court’s bank”

The letter was dated 14th June 2007 so by my reckoning it should clear today if they banked it when it was received so hopefully a cheque will be on the way soon. Quite why SCAM or Lloyds couldn’t send the payment direct to me rather than through the court is beyond me however….

IT’S NEARLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still no money from Lloyds

Well Lloyds still haven’t satisfied the CCJ I hold against them

Anyone would think that this debt of £200 is causing them major financial difficulties which as they are a bank is more than a little worrying.

In the meantime Stuart needs a new pram which we can ill afford until Lloyds pay up. So Lloyds, you are depriving a 7 month old little boy of a pram. Or at least one with brakes that work. Shame on you!

Anyone outraged at this should write to their local branch of Lloyds TSB. Or failing that try clicking on some of the ads on this site and hope google pay enough for a new pram.