Gorgeous and Rich….

We’ve just watched the gorgeous Alice Mundy become the second person to win £250000 and become the second quarter of a millionaire on Deal or No Deal after initially dealing at £17500 but then finishing with a 1p/£250000 split at the end, being offered the bankers gamble and the swap. Accepting the gamble, she nearly […]

Think I’m going to cry

Yep off goes another georgeous player on Deal or No Deal. Today’s player is the gorgeous Ty Roberts who is someone I’d be willing to break my no fake boobs and no tattoos rules for if only she’d ask! Oh and as long as Yvonne didn’t find out of course! Let’s hope she wins big!

Just for the resident Troll

Some people may or may not know I participate in a thread on a forum on the TV show deal or no deal. We have a resident troll who keeps on trying to be annoying. However normally he’s just plain stupid as he was today. So the following image goes out just for bubsy209

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