The king is dead…. long live the king

So the king of pop, Michael Jackson sadly died last night at the age of 50. Like many people we were watching the coverage in bed on sky news last night after Yvonne got wind of it from people on facebook. The really spooky thing is that prior to going to bed and hearing about […]

Jade Goody Dies

And so ends one of the most publicised deaths since Jesus Christ. What I however find really funny is that despite every aspect of her life for the last month or two has been on the TV, the newspapers and mailed out to every UK home, her family and friends are now calling for privacy. […]

Back From The Dead

Well it seems that Woolworths have been rescued from the the brink of death (after all the stores closed but hey). A quick gander at suggests they are on the way back and are now owned by shop direct group who amonst other things own the littlewoods group of catalogues that wont give me […]

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