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The king is dead…. long live the king

buy dapoxetine uk online So the king of pop, Michael Jackson sadly died last night at the age of 50. Like many people we were watching the coverage in bed on sky news last night after Yvonne got wind of it from people on facebook.

this contact form The really spooky thing is that prior to going to bed and hearing about his death, I was playing with the new music video’s on demand service that has been released for the playstation 3. One of the videos we watched was Thriller of course by Michael Jackson.

Internet forums I go on seem to be split as expected with lots of people focusing on the controversial aspects of his life, making inappropriate jokes about him or complaining because they have not managed to get a refund for his concerts that were due to take place at the O2 later this year before the guy has even had a chance to go cold!

Nevertheless regardless of what people are saying, there is no denying that one of the greatest musicians and entertainers of our time is sadly no longer with us and regardless of the controversial aspects of his life he will be missed by millions not least of all by his three young children, his brothers, sisters and his father. It is also pleasing to see that his music is starting to drift into the mp3 download charts.

RIP Jacko and I hope you find the peace you deserve now that you struggled to find in life

Jade Goody Dies

And so ends one of the most publicised deaths since Jesus Christ. What I however find really funny is that despite every aspect of her life for the last month or two has been on the TV, the newspapers and mailed out to every UK home, her family and friends are now calling for privacy.

Couldn’t they have done that two months ago and spared us every detail of her death?

Coming soon on TV, a big brother style show with cameras all around her home showing full coverage of her final few days including that moment when life finally slipped away from her. Oh and her funeral is likely to be the biggest thing since Diana’s and televised on every single TV channel. Of course Diana was a much loved member of the royal family who did a lot of good things. And Jade… was on big brother!

And in one final irony, Jade Goody was of course a mother…. and she died on mother’s day… there’s irony for you!

Back From The Dead

Well it seems that Woolworths have been rescued from the the brink of death (after all the stores closed but hey). A quick gander at http://www.woolworths.co.uk suggests they are on the way back and are now owned by shop direct group who amonst other things own the littlewoods group of catalogues that wont give me credit!

Is this good… well that remains to be seen!