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I was right!!!

buy furosemide in uk Well I was right as the great british public proved once again that they are sheep and will purchase any old tat simply because it came from the x-factor or other similar talent(less) contests. Jeff Buckley did manage to get to number 2 though (which lets face it is the equivalent to number one these days as Simon Cowell more or less reserves the number one slot months or even years in advance)

http://markscherz.com/archives/3739/feed Shame on you all…. oh and next year please lock up your eight year old daughters so some decent music has a chance to top the charts!

Chart Battle for Xmas Number One

There seems to be a battle developing for the Christmas number one this year. Well more accurately there is a battle developing for Christmas number two. Regrettably the advent of manufactured pop from the likes of the X-Factor, Pop Idol or Britain’s Got the Pop Factor… and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice means that what used to be a fun race for Christmas number one with some classic or sometimes wacky songs making it, is now a foregone conclusion as the winner of these shows is obliged to at least get a number one at Christmas before sadly(!) fading into obscurity having just made Simon Cowell yet more millions.

However this year people are fighting back by campaigning to get Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah to chart higher than Alexandra Burke’s. As good as this would be as it would show Simon Cowell the British public are not sheep and are not going to buy any old tat they bash out simply because it has come from his talent(less) show. Unfortunately, the campaign is likely doomed to failure for one simple reason (well two).

Unfortunately the British public are sheep and will buy any old tat that is bashed out regardless how good it is simply because it comes from Simon Cowell’s talent(less) show. Furthermore for some time it has become increasingly clear that the UK music charts are dictated by the purchasing habits of little 8 year old girls that don’t know any better.