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iPhone 3GS – Is it already a flop?

learn this here now As we all know the Apple iPhone 3GS launches in just 5 days. And in my opinion it has already flopped before a single unit has been sold.

http://spine-surgery-in-israel.com/img-time/ The reason being that the phone has been available for pre-orders on at Carphone Warehouse for 3 days now. When the iPhone 3G went on sale for pre order on both CPW and O2’s websites it sold out in a matter of hours. However 3 days on CPW are showing no signs of running out of stock.

Now of course that could simply down to Apple making much more stock available to cover the demand. However I think it’s more likely that the device simply isn’t selling. O2 have over priced it to new customers and alienated their existing customer base by failing to provide a reasonably priced upgrade path. The only people likely to be pre ordering a device which is basically the same as the 3G but a tad faster and with an extremely useful built in compass are the most die hard of Apple fanatics who must have the latest hardware as soon as its released.

Most normal people will simply have realised that it isn’t worth the price tag O2 have placed on it and it certainly isn’t worth locking yourself into a 2 year contract which in all likliness will result in you missing the next iPhone release from Apple which in all likliness will be a much bigger step up in spec than the 3GS is

iPhone 3GS…. is it worth the hype

Apple today announced a new version of the iPhone 3G. As soon as it was announced, I wanted one. However now the hype has settled down a bit and O2 have updated their prices, I’m not so sure.

The new model boasts the following improved features

  • A compass so maps knows which way you are facing
  • An improved 3MP camera with auto focus and video capabilities
  • A faster processor so some tasks and launching apps should be faster
  • More storage
  • Voice dialling and commands

All in all it’s not a great improvement over what the iPhone 3G can do once OS 3.0 comes out on June 17th and one of the features is available on a jailbroken iPhone 3G so clearly Apple are blocking current iPhone 3Gs from using it. Much more offputing is O2’s new crazy pricing which means the device will only be free if you agree to a 24 month contract or a £75 a month contract or the device will be approx £450 on PAYG for the 16Gb version and £550 on PAYG for the 32Gb version. Not exactly the cheaper prices making the device available to more mentioned at the keynote.

Even worse is the fact that last time a new model came out customers could upgrade for free. This time customers either have to wait for their upgrade date (for most early adopters this is January 2010) or pay to end their contracts early (again for early adopters that will be approx 7 months at your monthly rate so in my case approx £245), and then agree to a new 18 or more likely 24 month contract.

Madness in my view as given Apple’s habbit of releasing a new model every year who on earth is going to want to agree to a new contract which will likely make the customer miss the model that will be inevitably released in 2010. Not me thats for sure and frankly unless O2 change their upgrade policy and prices fast, I may be looking elsewhere come my contract expiry

EDIT Full details of the ludicrous pricing HERE

iPhone 3.0 coming soon

Apple have today announced their plans for the next operating system for their iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Highlights are:

  • New additions to the app store including the ability to offer new downloadable content to apps and games for a fee (similar to playstation network, xbox live and the like)
  • Better communication between devices over bluetooth
  • Accessories can now introduce new features to the iPhone such as speaker docks that allow the iPhone to tune into radio stations. Apple even envisage medical devices integrating into and using the iPhone to perform their functions. Examples include blood pressure monitors and blood glucose testers that can transmit their data to the iPhone via the dock or bluetooth
  • Ability for applications to embed google maps into their apps
  • Turn by turn sat nav now a possibility
  • Push notification however no background apps due to battery life issues. Push notification only took a 20% hit on battery life in testing though
  • Meebo integrated instant messaging app
  • New media player that will adjust video quality depending on available bandwidth
  • Cut, copy and paste (will please a lot of people). This can copy within or across apps and will allow SMS forwarding too. It will also work within 3rd party apps
  • E-mail multiple photos
  • Landscape keyboard option across all apps
  • MMS (cheers from loads of people)
  • Search in all applications
  • New homescreen
  • Developer beta available now
  • General release sometime in the summer (June possibly)
  • Free update to iPhone users. iPod Touch users will be charged

OK I want it….. NOW!!!!