iPhone 3GS…. is it worth the hype – Part Two

When the 3GS was first announced, I asked the question was it worth the hype? At that time of course as it wasn’t released, I didn’t have my hands on one. Now I do! So how does it compare to the 3G and is it worth people upgrading? This post will discuss this, as well […]

It’s nice to be right

Few days ago I predicted the iPhone 3GS was going to be a flop compared to it’s predecessors. Mainly due to O2 pricing it stupidly high and alienating their existing customer base. Seems I was right going off this picture of people queuing for the 3GS compared to people queuing for the original iPhone (which […]

iPhone 3GS – Is it already a flop?

As we all know the Apple iPhone 3GS launches in just 5 days. And in my opinion it has already flopped before a single unit has been sold. The reason being that the phone has been available for pre-orders on at Carphone Warehouse for 3 days now. When the iPhone 3G went on sale for […]

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