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iPhone 3GS…. is it worth the hype – Part Two

cheap Lyrica canada When the 3GS was first announced, I asked the question was it worth the hype? At that time of course as it wasn’t released, I didn’t have my hands on one. Now I do! So how does it compare to the 3G and is it worth people upgrading? This post will discuss this, as well as be a review of the handset


cheap orlistat from china The 3GS appears more or less identical to the 3G. Well in my case that isn’t entirely true as my 3GS has double the capacity of my 3G so has a different number on the back and is a different colour as I opted for the white version this time.

I did expect the white version to be white all over and not just on the back cover. The area surrounding the screen is still black so unless you look at it from behind there is no noticeable difference.

People seem to be raving about the new charger and rightly so as the charger changes from a bulky affair to one that is smaller than a standard electrical plug.


As is commonly known the new phone is little different in terms of usability from the old 3G with the new 3.0OS. However there is a noticeable speed difference when using the phone and navigating menus and the like.

New features

The much talked about compass seems to do exactly what it says on the tin and integrates with maps nicely. I am slightly concerned however that maps seems to try and determine my location from my home wifi network when at home and wifi is turned on (presumably as GPS always did suffer indoors). This has the nice side effect of banging me two miles to the west and near to PNE football ground rather then where I actually live.

The voice control feature sounds nice but can’t say I’ve tried it yet.

*goes to try it*

Well it seems to do alright. Probably about a 90% hit ratio with what I asked it to do. Would be nice to have the option to play a specific song rather than a playlist, album or artist though. Perhaps in OS 3.1

The camera autofocus seems to work well. I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference in picture quality though. I have not as yet tried the video camera.

I am yet to use MMS on the 3GS as I never was a big picture message user unless they were free and I used them instead of texts (last time that happened was with imode handsets). However as the 3GS’s MMS support is the same as the 3G’s but with video added I’m guessing it will be fine

I have not even attempted to use tethering. People seem to be very put off at O2’s pricing even though and O2 wont even permit its use without buying a bolt on though there is a hack to get round this. O2’s pricing on tethering seems to be on a par with their mobile broadband pricing though and as I already have mobile broadband I cant see me using this much.

So is it worth it?

The extra speed alone probably does make this a worthy upgrade. Voice control is useful though I would like to see the accuracy pick up slightly and additional control options.

However, my original opinion stands, it is not worth people paying silly money to buy the handset on PAYG or even worse buy out their contracts. Thankfully I managed to work round both those problems and went for neither option. The 3G does much that the 3GS does equally well or not much worse. Unless you must have the latest phone or really need the speed boost, voice control, video and a compass you should probably hang fire. The 3GS is an excellent device though, however many people feel that this is what the 3G should have been first time around.

Apple have apparently reported that sales of the 3GS over the first weekend were in the region of 1 million units worldwide. Not sure how that compared with the 3G though an accurate comparison is impossible as many 3G owners were unable to upgrade this time, and stock levels for the 3GS seemed to be higher than they were for the 3G. Not to mention all the technical issues that plagued launch day on the 3G were avoided this time round

It’s nice to be right

Few days ago I predicted the iPhone 3GS was going to be a flop compared to it’s predecessors. Mainly due to O2 pricing it stupidly high and alienating their existing customer base. Seems I was right going off this picture of people queuing for the 3GS compared to people queuing for the original iPhone (which was also stupidly expensive I’ll add).


Full story and original image HERE

iPhone 3GS – Is it already a flop?

As we all know the Apple iPhone 3GS launches in just 5 days. And in my opinion it has already flopped before a single unit has been sold.

The reason being that the phone has been available for pre-orders on at Carphone Warehouse for 3 days now. When the iPhone 3G went on sale for pre order on both CPW and O2’s websites it sold out in a matter of hours. However 3 days on CPW are showing no signs of running out of stock.

Now of course that could simply down to Apple making much more stock available to cover the demand. However I think it’s more likely that the device simply isn’t selling. O2 have over priced it to new customers and alienated their existing customer base by failing to provide a reasonably priced upgrade path. The only people likely to be pre ordering a device which is basically the same as the 3G but a tad faster and with an extremely useful built in compass are the most die hard of Apple fanatics who must have the latest hardware as soon as its released.

Most normal people will simply have realised that it isn’t worth the price tag O2 have placed on it and it certainly isn’t worth locking yourself into a 2 year contract which in all likliness will result in you missing the next iPhone release from Apple which in all likliness will be a much bigger step up in spec than the 3GS is