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Nightmare of a port

http://ngatiranana.co.uk/?ngāti-rānana-50th-anniversary-celebrations-2009,48 On top of all the PC problems detailed below my number ported from orange to O2 on Friday.

buy Lyrica from canada Whilst the port itself wasn’t too bad (completed by 10am) the aftermath was horrific. Prior to porting I had been using a temporary O2 sim and topped up qualifying for free texts as well as adding some bolt ons. All vanished!

It took 4 phone calls and a number of e-mails to resolve the issues which are thankfully now sorted (though I have approx 150 texts less than I should)

My number goes full circle

Next week my mobile number (which I had had for 2 years making it the 2nd longest time I’ve kept the same mobile number) ports to O2 making it have travelled full circle over all 5 major UK networks and back to the network that it started on.

I’m porting back to O2 mainly because of their new data bolt on which gives 200Mb of data for £7.50 a month.

The number started on O2 in October 2005 when I changed numbers to stop my ex gf at the time from contacting me and tormenting me (long story). I was one of the first to purchase an i-mode handset on o2 (imode being a service which I thought was pretty good with the free e-mail o2 were offering) however it never really took off.

I ported to 3 in spring 2006 to their we pay tariff

When vodafone started doing free weekends back in summer 2006 my number went with me over to vodafone.

Spring this year my number went to t-mobile to take advantage of their web n walk as well as the unlimited evening and weekend texts offer they unfortunately have stopped doing now.

Summer this year I moved to orange to get unlimited evening data and 600 texts for a £20 top up with calls at 15ppm

And now my number moves back to o2 with 200Mb data at £7.50 and 500 texts for topping up £15 or more a month

Anyone wondering why I take my number with me. Simple it’s because it’s 077 077 07 xxx

Not the quickest port I’ve had

Well porting day went not too smoothly. T-mobile had everything set up and ready from about 08:00. Unfortunately vodafone didn’t seem to want to let me go.

Took till 14:30 before the port took place and a further hour or so before vodafone totally gave up and died.

But now my number is finally over to t-mobile (so anyone who had my temporary number can now delete it