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It’s about time

like it Well it seems that finally, Stagecoach are going to buy Preston Bus out. And all I can say is it is about time.

buy tinidazole online Stagecoach have spent the last year and a half running a cheaper, friendlier and frankly safer service than Preston Bus. Preston Bus have in return killed two people and spat their dummies out about having their monopoly ruined with their managing director regularly making appearances in the LEP to have a good moan.

Good riddance!

Compensation Culture Gone Mad

The family of UCLAN student Xuan Wei aka Cookie are seeking compensation from UCLAN for her death. Are they absolutely insane??

It was a Preston Bus vehicle not UCLAN that killed her. If anyone should pay it should be them.

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They’ve done it again!

Yet another poor unsuspecting member of the public has been crushed underneath a Preston Bus vehicle. When will the carnage end?