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Second Time Lucky

http://coventrycyclingclub.co.uk/2017/10/bar-skittles-night We are all really proud of Stuart as he settled down last night in his new bed no problems and slept through until 8am when he made his way into our bedroom to wake us up.

visit here After the first night we didn’t think he would take to it. I even thought I might have had to buy some chloroform from Amazon!

Stuart doesn’t like his new bed

My Mum bought Stuart a toddler bed for him to use, the idea being Stuart sleeps in that and Alex gets Stuart’s old cot bed. Stuart doesn’t seem too pleased with the idea though.

Any time we tried to put him down in the toddler bed, he cried and screamed and got himself out. Thankfully he is now fast asleep….. in his cot bed.

Attempt two tomorrow night!

Need more sleep….

Stuart has now taken it upon himself to be waking up at about 6am every morning regardless of whatever time we put him to bed.

Which is nice…. NOT!