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Not the quickest port I’ve had

Well porting day went not too smoothly. T-mobile had everything set up and ready from about 08:00. Unfortunately vodafone didn’t seem to want to let me go.

Took till 14:30 before the port took place and a further hour or so before vodafone totally gave up and died.

But now my number is finally over to t-mobile (so anyone who had my temporary number can now delete it

Porting Day Tomorrow

Well tomorrow is when my number ports to t-mobile

So been on t-mobile for a week now. So far so good. As much as free weekends is a good offer on vodafone, free evening and weekend texts on t-mobile is going to be a lot better.

Plus web n walk is GOOD!!!!

Not had a problem in terms of network coverage as yet despite many people thinking I would.

So far t-mobile working out. Least till I get bored of them