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Another hottie leaves

where can i buy provigil in south africa Today is Lisa Barnard’s game on deal or no deal. Let’s hope she wins a lot of money whilst also revelling in the increased search traffic I will once again get!

best place to buy priligy online Which would be nice cos all the traffic searching for Karina and Leeanne seems to be dying down!

Why does this keep happening to us

Well one of my new years resolutions has been broken already. As you may recall I resolved that not one single household appliance would break down this year. 23 days into the year and it’s the TV again!!

We got a nice shiny new 32″ HDTV to replace the one that broke on Christmas Eve and it’s lasted under 3 weeks. So now we’re waiting for the nice people to call us back and come and repair the damn thing because dabs have discontinued the model and so can’t replace it!

I’m starting to think we have gremlins in the flat that come out at night and wreck all the electrical equipment we have. It’s getting beyond a joke now

Merry effing Christmas

Well the season of goodwill is finally here and as such so is the most depressing time on the planet. Fortunately there is usually some good TV on to make it just about bearable and this year is no exception with notable highlights being Kylie in Doctor Who and everyone finding out about Max in Eastenders cheating on gorgeous wife Tanya with minging daughter in law Stacey.

So Christmas should be just about bearable right?? WRONG!

Our TV has just died and with it any hope of getting through Christmas with what is left of my sanity intact!

The only good thing is I now have an excuse to buy a hi definition TV however we’re a few hundred quid short unfortunately :'(