The Voice UK Series 4 Live Show Spoilers

The live shows may still be a few weeks away but we’ve still the pre recorded battle and knockout stages to get through now the blind auditions are complete. But just who gets through the battles and the knockouts to make it through to the live shows. Let’s find out: Team Will: Sheena McHugh, Lucy […]

The Voice UK Semi Final Spoilers

Time again, for the last time this series, to reveal what the BBC don’t want you to know for another 20 hours. And that is who has made it to next week’s live final (yes I said live final. Not even the BBC are stupid enough to make the final results not live). Again I […]

The Voice UK Live Show 4 Spoilers

Time again to do what the BBC cannot be bothered to do for another 21 hours and reveal who will be leaving during tomorrow’s not live results show. Again please direct any complaints to the BBC and not me as it is completely their fault that I am able to post the results before they […]

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