Newsflash: There are other countries in the world in addition to the USA

Just in case people didn’t realise, there are a multitude of countries in the world. Seems in some people’s heads that the world ends with the USA. Reason for rant….. as mentioned before on this blog I am a host for the windows 7 launch parties. Now today I got wind that Kaspersky, Panda and […]

Windows 7 out in one week but is it any good??

Microsoft are due to release their new operating system windows 7 to the world next Thursday (people in the UK may experience delays though as the postmen are skiving again). After the debarcle that was windows vista with it’s sluggishness even on high spec machines and it’s numerous prompts to confirm things like deleting a […]

Cards anyone??

As mentioned previously, I am a host for the windows 7 launch parties. My pack arrived on Wednesday and I promptly installed the free ultimate edition on my desktop which is running very nicely and promptly forgot the rest of the pack until today. Opened the free pack of cards today to discover something very […]

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