McDonalds Monopoly Millions 2012 Rare Stickers

Yes it’s that time of year where McDonalds runs it’s annual monopoly promotion and I post the rare stickers in a not at all cunning bid to increase my ad revenue. And I also open this blog up to some of the most stupid people on god’s green earth to comment and be ridiculed for the stupidity of their comments.

So here are the rare stickers

Brown – iPod Docking Station – Old Kent Road (50,000 Rare Stickers)

Light Blue – £250 Gift Voucher – Euston Road (300 Rare Stickers)

Purple – Samsung Galaxy Y Pro – Northumberland Avenue (500 Rare Stickers)

Orange – HD Camcorder – Marlborough Street (500 Rare Stickers)

Red – Weekend Break – Strand (700 Rare Stickers)

Yellow – iPad – Coventry Street (550 Rare Stickers)

Green – Mini Cooper – Bond Street (8 Rare Stickers)

Dark Blue – £50k – Mayfair (8 Rare Stickers)

Stations – PS3 – Liverpool St Station (450 Rare Stickers)

Now at present these are currently listed as being the same stickers as last year until I can confirm either way if there has been any variation in the stickers (there hasn’t the last two years though because, as an employee confirmed to us last year, some idiots tried to use previous non rare stickers to claim when McDonalds did vary the stickers so they decided to stick with the same ones to help save these idiots from themselves)

Based on the comments I’ve received the last two years the following serves as an FAQ

Q. I have park lane. Who has mayfair and wants to split the prize with me?

A. You have park lane, I have park lane. EVERYBODY has park lane. There are millions of park lane stickers all of which are worth less than 1p. There are 8 mayfair stickers which are worth the value of the jackpot prize minus less than 1p

Q. I have mayfair, bond street or one of the other valuable rare stickers?

A. Bully for you! Why aren’t you busy enjoying your prize rather than posting on here

Q. I have a winning sticker, how do I claim?

A. Actually feel free to post this question as I will try and help you as long as you don’t seem as stupid as some of the people who normally comment on this post however I should add that this site is in no way linked to McDonalds or the competition and merely serves as a guide (and a bid to increase my ad revenue). Your first port of contact in the event of any claim should be McDonalds themselves or their website. Winning stickers should have some instructions on how to claim and will direct you to either the store, McDonalds’ website or a phone number

Q. How many rare stickers are in circulation?

A. There are 53,016 in total rare collect to win sitckers which cover all the prize tiers. Number of stickers on each tier is listed above and ranges from a very unlikely 8 to a still fairly unlikely 50,000

Q. I need some of the non rare stickers, where can I get them?

A. If you visit any of the McDonalds in Preston and are lucky enough to sit next to me, chances are I will have already given you any common stickers that I already have. You lucky lucky thing

Q. Why do you have fewer rare stickers listed than there are prizes for that tier?

A. Some tiers have instant win stickers which instantly win the prize for that tier without needing to collect the property set. I have listed the number of collect to win stickers there are in circulation for each tier

Q. Which iPad do I win if I collect the yellow property set or obtain an instant win sticker?

A. It is a 16GB Wifi iPad 2. Which seems incredibly stingy given it is the lowest model possible and a new iPad has been released though perhaps McDonalds obtained the prizes for this tier before the new iPad was released

Q. I live in the Preston area and am looking for some inexpensive portrait photography

A. Well it just so happens that I’m a student photographer who also offers professional photography services for a much lower price than a professional photographer. Why not check out Dave Thorp Photography (END SHAMELESS PLUG)

More questions may be added if I get any particularly daft comments this year (which lets face it, I will)

128 replies on “McDonalds Monopoly Millions 2012 Rare Stickers”

  1. Great blog. Good to know how many rare stickers are out there. I’m happy with my porridge and bag of fruit wins 🙂

    I was wondering how many of the prizes were claimed last year? Especially the ‘top’ prizes? There must be loads of people who throw the promotion away.

    1. Inevitably some rare stickers will be thrown away though as the rare sticker contains details on how to claim which makes it different to the other stickers, it should be obvious to someone if they have a rare sticker

      McDonalds have the number of remaining prizes in each category on their website so it may be worth keeping an eye on that later in to the promotion to get an idea of how many prizes go unclaimed

      1. i have won a ps3 via mcdonalds monopoly game it saids go to to redeem prize but there is’nt any website to claim my prize can you help…?

        1. Can you help? I also have tried to redeem a prize at MCDWINNER.CO.UK but cannot find the website! Did you find it and could you please enlighten me?

          1. 1. Open your web browser
            2. Type into the address bar at the top of the browser then click go or press enter
            3. Profit

    2. I have just entered 30 of the online winning codes and each one was a loser, Mcdonalds even had the cheek to say that after I had entered 20 losing codes I had to wait 24 hours before I could enter anymore lol.
      Don’t think I will bother entering any more, anybody ever won from them?

    3. I got an instant win smartphone!!!! 2 weeks ago…. It’s not a fix!! Woopoooo

  2. Some may remember my idiotic friend who spent £170 on fries and only ended up with 14 instant wins and no wins online. Guess what, the fool has been at it again this weekend.

    He has spent over £200 on fries during the course of one day in 3 McDonalds.

    21 instant wins….how many wins online do you think?……ZERO

    My nephew on the other hand bought two standard fries and won a tenner online.

    I also know someone who has been going through the bin outside a Mcdonalds and rescuing discarded stickers. He was moaning to a group of us that he had spent 4 hours online and won nothing and he should get something.

    I do find it interesting though that on the McDonalds site it lists details of how many have been claimed. Apart from the tenners, the higher value prizes have few claimants.

    Ultimately though, it is a bit like the premium bonds, no matter how many numbers you have, it is quite likely that someone with only 1 number will get the prize. The same for the McDonalds thing…sitting there all day tapping in codes is not a job, it does not entitle to you to anything at the end of it and someone who puts one code in could win.

  3. Hi, anyone else having problems putting in their instant win codes today? The McDonalds website keeps giving me a coded 404 saying that it can not be found!

    Thanks in advance!

  4. I have always like the monopoly promotion, and have always got ALL the common stickers, but never none of the ‘Rare’ stickers. The funny thing is, how do mcdonalds distribute them? I live at the edge of england (cumbria), and no rare stickers will probably get near me.

    I have always said that it is impossible to win, and that the claims that people have won are lies. I spent ages online a week or 2 ago to put a load of online codes in & won absolutely nothing.

    I think mcdonalds should make these things easier to win!


    1. Yeh i have never got a rare sticker after collecting all the unclaimed stickers around the car park at my local Mackies . That’s over 200 stickers. yet to make any inroads into the online codes 🙂

  5. I have just wasted 10 mins inputting codes to the MD’s website!
    10 in total – no win every time. Maybe if you check “yes” to the –
    I’d love to hear from md’s about future competitions & offers – check box,
    you may get a look in??

  6. dave just like to point out, all you rare stickers are wrong e.g dark blue (mayfair) you have 8 rare stickers, there is also two instant wins which i would say makes ten rare stickers ;0

    1. Please read the FAQ above. I have listed the numbers of the collect to win rare pieces that were in circulation at the start of the promotion. The two instant win stickers to win £50k in the example you gave are not Mayfair stickers

  7. Maybe you should read the comments about my friend.

    For the record he always clicks yes.

    He has put in I would guess around 800 codes and won nothing online, my nephew has put in about 7 and won a tenner. A friend of a friend did it yesterday for the first time and she won something too (might be £20, will have to check).

    That’s the way it goes, it is as random as that.

  8. There are 53,016 rare stickers as stated above. Approximately 2 million people are served each day in the UK, in which im guessing a large proportion of them will get at least 2 monopoly stickers or more. Think about it, it is highly unlikely you are going to get a rare sticker, not impossible but the odds are very much against you ! For anyone that has or will say ‘it’s impossible to win’ or ‘its all a scam’. Its not, its actually a fantastic promotion which gives you a chance to win some great prizes. You just have to be LUCKY!! I have to say there aint as many numpties on here as in the previous years. Had me laughing out loud at some of the comments!

    1. There’s two reasons why there aren’t as many stupid comments this year:

      1. The more stupid people seem to be struggling to get past my new captcha and
      2. I’m moderating comments a little more than usual after some idiot decided to have an argument with themself in the comments a couple of weeks ago. Commenters now have to have a comment previously approved or manually approved if it is their first comment before it will show up

      1. “I’m moderating comments a little more than usual ”

        Woah, was that triggered by a certain comment about you lacking a sarcasm detector?

        Were you so ashamed that someone would dare gently mock you, on a thread where you should be the only one mocking the stupid populace?

        I believe the correct response would have been to just admit the “touché” gracefully.
        Looks like you really got angry over it, lol. Did it hit the spot?

        Anyway looks like I won’t be enjoying conversations with you again, but thank you for the the rare list of stickers, always useful.
        Best regards,
        Sherlock the fictional character

        1. Actually it was some idiot having an argument with themselves (or at least someone using the same IP address as them) on the comments that prompted me to take a heavier hand with the moderation

  9. Hi Dave, thanks for doing this page. I’m a first time player so it has helped make sense of it all for me. Your a star xmwahx

  10. I guess I am one of the lucky few. To be honest, I despise most McDonnalds food, but I needed a drink after a concert, and it was the only thing open… I got 2 free cinema tickets and entered my code online and won £50 which paid for the night out! My sister collects the game board stickers, and she’s filled everything but the rares in less than a week and won nothing online… I’d rather take my chances with the lottery… I could do a hell of a lot more with £50million than I could a docking station!

  11. Just got Coventry and cashed in my iPad 😀

    Anyone curious for how to claim, this is the website, and I only needed to use the winning/rare sticker if you want to have a nosey round

  12. I’m probaly a lucky one, my Dad and I were in Mcdonalds and I said ”can I have your stickers dad?”
    He ok so I got the stickers and entered the codes for about 20 mins and it turns out I won a Ipod docking station, £50 and instant win Big Mac.

  13. There is a rumour that someone from Eest Essex has won the 50k instant win last week :O

  14. This is very much down to pure luck and I don’t really see the point in spending all the excess money on MCDs! I know someone who won the instant win mini cooper by buying just one MCDs, and others who have won nothing (maybe a fruit bag) by spending LOADS of money!

    However, to those fools who wish to keep spending all this money I say please keep doing it as this is funding the competition meaning they will do it again, meaning I have another chance of winning the 50k!

  15. I have recently been collecting the stickers, my wife took our child to mcdonalds yesterday and when she returned i asked her what tickets she had? her reply was i had no instant wins! just a mayfair one which i left on the tray!!!!!! WTF can i claim this in any way??

    1. Nope, however you can rest safe in the knowledge that anyone wombling tickets others leave behind are enjoying their 50k. Though there is a chance she got confused and actually had Park Lane like everybody else. Least you can hope that’s the case……..

    1. Instructions on how to claim are on the winning ticket however I believe you have to sign up to a lovefilm trial in order to get the cinema tickets so as far as prizes go it is a pretty naff one. Though not as naff as the 5 bowls of porridge we have unclaimed

      1. I just claimed 2 free cinema tickets. I did have to sign up for lovefilm but it’s a 30 days free trial so it’s no biggie (as long as I don’t forget to cancel my account before they charge!).
        I was planning on going the cinema soon anyways so it’s saved me £12+. I actually had two of the 2x ticket winners so my partner is gonna do it to, saving like £24+ 🙂

  16. Has anybody seen all the clowns on eBay? Embarressed to say I did have a look, hoping to stumble across someone foolishly selling a rare sticker.
    But my point is, there are so many people covering up the name on the sticker and just putting “Mayfair or Park Lane???”. And people put bids!! Like anyone would sell something worth £50k for just 99p XD

  17. Great blog Dave,

    The Worlds Gone Mad, I was looking at ebay there, wont post the link in case im accused of bumping the sale, but someone has a yellow sticker for sale, just showing the yellow part of the sticker with the sale tag,

    “Monopoly Mcdonalds millions. Coventry street, Leicester square or Piccadilly?”
    “Is it Coventry street, Leicester square or Piccadilly? Could you win an ipad if you take a chance!?I”

    It has had 17 bids and is currently going for £31….WTF?

    Somebody is buying a common ticket for £31 but thinking it may be an I-pad for £31, whats wrong with some them?

  18. @Andy

    It’s greed Andy. Anyone with half a brain cell wouldn’t bid on covered mcdonalds stickers with ‘is this a winner or not’.

    Unfortunately, there are plenty of people with half a brain cell, which is why those on ebay are cashing in.

    You or I could quite easily bag all our stickers up, then claim, we have random stickers in a bag is there a winner in there and you can bet people will pay £100.

  19. hi can any1 help me just typed in about 13 online codes got 1 winner how do i claim it and see how much it is? plz and thanks fo any help

  20. Enjoying the blog mate, keep up the good work.

    Just a quick query about the online codes that you enter for a chance to win a prize. I’ve been lucky enough to finish 2nd place in a beauty contest for a £20 prize.

    The confirmation e-mail says do nothing, we will post your prize in 28 days.

    I take it I just keep a hold of their reference number and my winning ticket until then?

    Also, how do they give you the £20? Is it by cheque or other means?


    1. They send you a cheque. Did take just under 28 days but they’re not lying, you really do nothing 🙂

  21. need bond street happy 2 share the prize,
    need strand happy 2 share prize,
    neeed marlborough street happy 2 share the prize,
    need old kent road happy 2 share prize.

  22. Hi, thanks for the site, plugs or otherwise!

    Is there any results that show how many prizes are claimed each year?

    I suspect that most 50/500k and mini prizes end up in the bin without ever being checked.

    I just claimed my free big mac and also have a free porridge! It got me thinking about a site the same/similar I checked a couple of years back.

    1. McDonald’s website lists the number of prizes still available in each tier for this years promotion. You may be able to use an internet archive site to get previous years data up though I wouldn’t count on it

  23. “i can get an ipod?”


    …however u can get a nice iPod docking station. Enjoy!

  24. So here we are coming towards the end of the promotion. It is interesting how few prizes have been claimed. For example 9292 out of 41666 online £10, 2 of the 10 mini coopers, 58 of the 500 camcorders, 7295 of the 50000 docking stations.

    Do we assume that most people are not actually interested in the promotion? or is it that the pieces are so easily lost/packing thrown away after buying the mcdonalds?
    Or is it simply that mcdonalds only release the prizes, the more mcdonalds they sell.

    I am inclined to think it is the latter. The assumption that all these prizes have been thrown away and all of them have been released by the end of the promotion I find hard to believe.

    Back to my friend, the one who had spent over £250 on fries. He did another £100 or so and still did not win an online prize. He didn’t even get an instant win either, although of course it is nearly the end of the promotion.

    The moral of the story is, a fool and his money are soon parted.

  25. Well that’s it for another year. I’ll leave the comments on this post open for a couple more weeks before locking them

  26. how do i claim my ps3 iv been waiting for someone to do a blog like this.. or os it to late?
    i did not no how to claim it or anything its hard.. :/

    1. Information on how to claim should be on your instant win sticker or on the rare sticker if you have a collect to win set. Most prizes are claimed by going to and following the instructions there

  27. hi people, last year i won £200 entering codes online but nish this year.
    I promptly spent £232 on big macs to celebrate cos i’m a greedy f***ker so i was £32 down on the deal plus i had to go out and buy a whole new set of clothes cos i went up two pants sizes. was worth it though, you’ve never lived unless you’ve had the BIG MAC SWEATS

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